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Soil Data Mart Available for New Jersey

Nineteen counties in New Jersey have a digital version of their soil survey that can be viewed using Geographic Information System (GIS) software.  There are two types of digital soils data available for these counties: spatial data (digital soils maps) and tabular data (attribute or interpretation data). Both data types are available on the USDA-NRCS Soil Data Mart website.  In addition, there is a meta data file that should be downloaded.  This site can be accessed at Soil Data Mart.

This website allows users to download digital soils data or to generate reports online for a particular county.  In the future, this site will also allow users to view soils maps online.  To access data for a particular county, click on the “Select State” button, click on New Jersey from the choice list, and then click on the “Select Survey Area” button.  The counties with available tabular and spatial data will be listed.

Spatial data can be downloaded in one of three formats:  ArcView shapefiles, ArcInfo coverages, or ArcInfo interchange files.  Tabular data can be downloaded and then viewed using a Microsoft Access template database, which is also available on this website.

Some data, such as the template database, downloads directly from this site.  Other data, such as the spatial and tabular data, must be compressed into a zip file to facilitate downloading.  Users requesting spatial or tabular data must enter an email address so they can be contacted when their requested data has been processed and is available for download; the email address is used only for this purpose.  The notification email will provide a link to a website where the requested data can be downloaded. This process is required for each Soil Survey Area you may want to view.

To view online reports, click on a county name and then click on the “Generate Reports” button.  At the Generate Reports page, all the map units in the county are displayed, underneath which is a dropdown list of available soils reports.  Users can generate reports either on all map units or on selected map units.  The reports are displayed as Acrobat PDF files.

Additional information helpful to users of the Soil Data Mart can be found in the section entitled Navigating and Using the Soil Data Mart and Soil Data Mart Help.