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The links on this page are for additional information and are not required reference for the Envirothon's wildlife section. Most test questions for the New Jersey Envirothon's Wildlife Section will be taken from the "Wildlife Study Guide Links" Page. The links below are created and maintained by various agencies, organizations and groups and no endorsement is implied for any of these groups, agencies or companies by their inclusion on this website.


These documents require Adobe Acrobat.

Frogs and Toads (612 KB)
Salamanders and Newts (652 KB)


These documents require Adobe Acrobat.

Lizards (135 KB)
Turtles (529 KB)
Snakes (1.05 MB)

Endangered Species
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For more information contact your local Soil Conservation District Office or Richard Belcher, NJ Envirothon Coordinator Phone: (609) - 292-5540,  Fax: (609) - 633-7229.