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Current Issue Study Tips

Current Issue Study Tips

Information on the current Envirothon topic can sometimes be overwhelming for students. We attempt to narrow down study material that focuses on the topic while still giving students the background needed to succeed when tested.

Here are some general guidelines when preparing for the Current Issues section of the NJ Envirothon.

  1. Questions on the written portion of the test will come from information found on this website and the North American Envirothon website. The questions are not meant to trick you but test you on your preparedness and knowledge of the subject matter.
  2. Materials will be provided to you on the day of testing for completing the hands-on portion of the test. A general understanding of the topic is very helpful when completing this portion.
  3. It is important for each student be familiar with the material in order to function as a team and develop a team mentality. Individuals that function as a team tend to fair better in the competition than those competing individually.
  4. For new schools or schools that wish to review NJ Envirothon material, we suggest attending one of the training sessions held throughout New Jersey. Training trunks are also available for teams wishing to review hands-on material.


For more information contact your local Soil Conservation District Office or Richard Belcher, NJ Envirothon Coordinator Phone: (609) - 292-5540,  Fax: (609) - 633-7229.

This page last updated February 4, 2014.