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Current Issue Sample Test

Current Issue Online Study Guide

Sample Test

The questions below are taken from tests used in previous Envirothon competitions. They are provided to illustrate the format used for the Current Issues test.

1.) A Cultural Landscape Report (CLR) is the primary report that documents the history, significance and treatment of a cultural landscape. Name the four (4) procedures, steps, compiling a CLR.

1. __________________________ 2. ________________________

3. __________________________ 4. ________________________

2) True or False. Roads, waterways, and/or trails may contribute to the cultural landscape?

True False

3) Match the cultural heritage site (letters) with its corresponding example (numbers).

A) Sacred Sites            ___  1) Silk Route from China to Europe
B) Historic Landscape   ___  2) 18th century cemetery
C) Archeological Site    ___  3) Monmouth County battlefield

4) Fill in the blank.

Cultural heritage is legally protected in almost every _____________.

5) Define the term “restoration” as it applies to cultural heritage.




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