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Pollinator Week

New Jersey Celebrates Pollinator Week

Hedgerow Planting at Cape May Plant Materials Center - June 24, 2011

reviewing plan Mixing the species is important. Some plants are best for food and some for habitat. planting planting Planting not to deep and not too shallow.
 distributing plants planting Pollinator Planting It's important to break up the root ball before planting.

Hedgerow Planting at Rutgers Snyder Research Farm

planting team at Snyder Farm June 2011Many hands, light work. planting at Snyder Farm  Plants are chosen carefully so that they do not provide harmful alternate disease hosts for nearby crops.
plant A variety of plants are chosen to provide food and habitat throughout the year. interns help plant at Snyder Farm  Teamwork.

Pollinator Planting at NRCS Office in Vineland

NRCS team plants for pollinators Urban and business areas are ideal for pollinator habitat. skipper Plant it, and they will come.
sign in garden honeybee The fruits of our labors. Success!


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