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NRCS History

A Partner in New Jersey Conservation Since 1935

Sunrise in Salem CountyThe Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) has been at work with conservation partners in New Jersey since 1935 helping people in the Garden State protect and improve natural resources and the environment. We celebrate the accomplishments in conservation in New Jersey and look forward to the continued wise use and protection of our precious resources.


A Legacy of Conservation

Learn more about the work of USDA and the commitment of NRCS to conserving natural resources on private lands.

Starting in 1935

In 1935, the Soil Conservation Service opened an office in New Jersey on the Douglass College campus in New Brunswick. From Douglass, the State Office was re-located to Bayard Street in New Brunswick, then to Hamilton Street in Somerset, and finally to its present location at 220 Davidson Avenue in Somerset.

The Soil Conservation Service was established by the United States Congress on April 27, 1935 as part of the United States Department of Agriculture to provide leadership in getting conservation on agricultural land. The agency name was changed to the Natural Resources Conservation Service in 1994 to reflect its expanding mission.

Garden State residents continue to enjoy the benefits of productive soils, clean air and water, and open spaces thanks in part to the work of NRCS and the strong conservation partnerships that have been developed in New Jersey to promote the responsible management of our natural resources.

State Conservationists in New Jersey
  • Linwood L. Lee   1935-1955
  • Frank C. Edminster    1955-1957
  • Selden L. Tinsley    1957-1967
  • Richard W. Akeley    1967-1971
  • Wilson J. Parker    1971-1973
  • Chester F. Bellard    1973-1977
  • Warren J. Fitzgerald    1977-1979
  • Plater T. Campbell    1979-1982
  • Joseph C. Branco    1983-1988
  • Barbara T. Osgood    1988-1991
  • Cecil B. Currin    1991-1994
  • Gail E. Updegraff    1994-1995
  • Wayne M. Maresch    1995-2000
  • Joe DelVecchio    2000-2002
  • Tony Kramer    2002-2006
  • Thomas Drewes   2007-2011
  • Donald J. Pettit  2011 - 2012
  • Carrie Mosley 2012 - present


updated 7/17/2013