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Merrimack Belknap Soil Survey Update

Soil Data for Merrimack-Belknap Soil Survey Update

Official Data:

The following documents require Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel.

Soil Data Dictionary (501 KB) - Last updated March 18, 2013
An explanation of the data codes in the Soil Attribute Data spreadsheet.

Agricultural Worksheets:
Agriculture Evaluation Worksheet  (30.8 KB PDF) - Updated April 18, 2006
Important Farmland Table (49 KB PDF) - Last Updated June 15, 2005
Provides the Farmland Class and the Soil Potential Index (SPI) value for each map unit.

Temperature Regimes (Order 2):
MESIC and FRIGID Line (842 KB PDF) - Updated December 2007


Spatial Soil Data

Other Merrimack-Belknap County Information


Ground Penetrating RadarGPR studies