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Nancy and Bill Yates, from Farmington, New Hampshire, have a permanently-protected easement under WRP.  In July 2007, the American Chestnut Foundation cross-pollinated one of the blight-resistant trees from the Yates easement with the goal of increasing the resistance of this keystone species.  The healthy tree from the Yates property produced viable nuts that have been successfully propagated, and the trees are being used in the continued research to breed a resistant native chestnut.   

Learn more about the Yates tree and American Chestnut restoration project here (746 KB, PDF).

Moose Mountains Regional Greenways helps conserve 212.8 acres is Wakefield (13.8 KB, PDF)

Partnership conserves 531 acres on Lamprey River (18 KB, PDF)

Stonehouse Pond Easement and Restoration, A Collaborative Success (570 KB, PDF)

WRP project improves waterfowl habitat along Connecticut River