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Eligibility Form Guidance

Below are documents that are meant to serve as guidance for new applicants by business type for completing basic eligibility forms. This guidance is part of a comprehensive set of eligibility criteria and does not include any additional program-specific eligibility requirements.

Charitable or Non-Profits (29 KB pdf)
Corporations with Stockholders (36 KB pdf)
Estates (30 KB pdf)
Formal Joint Venture (31 KB pdf)
General Partnerships (36 KB pdf)
Individuals (23 KB pdf)
Informal Joint Ventures (28 KB pdf)
Irrevocable Trusts (30 KB pdf)
LLC or Parternships (35 KB pdf)
Revocable or Grantor Trusts (33 KB pdf)
Sole Proprietor or Individual Operating as a Small Business (35 KB pdf)