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Tin Mountain

NRCS District Conservationist and Soil Conservationist Participate in Tin Mountain Eco-forum

Michael Cline, Tin Mountain Executive Director, Deb Eddison, and Nels Liljedahl in front of plantings at the Tin Mountain Conservation CenterNRCS District Conservationist, Nels Liljedahl, and NRCS Soil Conservationist, Deb Eddison, spoke to a crowd of about twenty-five on how to plant and transplant trees and shrubs to maximize conservation, survivability and growth.  The demonstration was one of many "Eco-forums" hosted by the Tin Mountain Conservation Center in Albany, New Hampshire, and partially funded by the NRCSMr. Liljedahl has many years experience with NRCS and as a private landscape professional in Maine aThe interior great room at the Tin Mountain Conservation Centernd New Hampshire.  Ms. Eddison is a forester and soils professional.  The NRCS has numerous ongoing conservation projects with landowners in Carroll County. 

The Tin Mountain Conservation Center provides education programs that foster greater awareness and understanding of the natural environment for school children, adults, and families. 

During the Eco-forum demonstration, Mr. Liljedahl and Ms. Eddison discussed different native and non-native plantings that attract wildlife and pollinators. They highlighted appropriate planting practices depending upon the application, outlined ways to select and handle healthy planting stock, and spoke about invasive species: why they are a concern, and how to avoid them.  The demonstration included proper planting practices for small to large conifers, root-bound plants, and transplanted shrubs and trees.  Mr. Liljedahl frequently reinforced the importance of "not planting too deep" as a major reason for planting failures. 


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