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Dean Bascom

Dean Bascom Selected as New District Conservationist in Woodsville Field Office, Grafton County

Dean Bascom grew up, along with three brothers and three sisters, on a dairy farm in Charlestown, New Hampshire (Sullivan Co).  He graduated from University of New Hampshire in 1971 with a degree in Chemistry and joined the Peace Corp in Malaysia teaching high school level science.


In 1978 Dean returned to the family farm, taking over as owner/operator following the death of his father in 1979.  The dairy herd was sold in 1996 and the cropland portion of the farm was sold two years later to an abutting farm.  Dean has retained ownership of the 150 acre woodlot, a Certified New Hampshire Tree Farm.  While actively farming Dean worked with the Soil Conservation Service (now NRCS) to implement many conservation practices to improve barnyard conditions and waste handling, and to improve field conditions for the management of the hay crop/silage corn/pasture system.


Dean BascomIn 1999 Dean began working for NRCS as a WAE in the Walpole Office under the direction of Heidi (Smith) Konesko, Acting District Conservationist.  He was selected for a Soil Conservation Technician position in Woodsville, New Hampshire beginning in February 2000 providing assistance in both Grafton and Coos Counties.  In 2002 Dean was selected to fill a vacant Soil Conservationist position in Woodsville.


Dean resides in Lower Waterford, Vermont with his wife Meredith, a dog, a cat, two kittens, and two empty bedrooms � both children are now in college, Wesley at the University of Vermont majoring in Fine Art and Environmental Science, and Katherine at Wesleyan University majoring in English and Environmental Science.


His hobbies and activities for the non-work hours include; gardening, working in the woodlot, hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, and canoeing, baking (he�s known as the Muffin Man in some circles), volunteering for community organizations and events, and attending family gatherings.