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Hog Wild

Hog Wild About Engineering

Kelly Eggleston runs the rod with assistance from local residents (hogs)Engineering training, given by Assistant State Conservation Engineer, Pam Failing, is ongoing for NRCS-NH employees.  Since October of 2009, Pam has made three visits to the Woodsville Field Office and two visits to the Lancaster Field Office to work with Donna Doel, Mary Ellen Cannon, Allen Tate, and Kelly Eggleston on basic surveying and engineering concepts.  The goal of Allen Tate reads the instrument as mary Ellen Cannon records the survey notesthis training is to empower employees to plan and design basic engineering practices.  In addition to training exercises with Access Road and Heavy Use Area practices, each participant selects an engineering practice from his or her workload to  survey and design.  Projects are completed together so the participants can learn from each others' experiences.  In future training, Pam plans to also focus on use and application of practice standards as well as use of automated design tools such as EFH2 to complete practice designs.


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