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Open Farm Day at the Bohanan Farm

Picnic tables and folks eating at Farm Day EventOctober 25, 2009, Hopkinton, NH
Tour guide standing on Native American Grinding Stone at the Bohanan Farm
State Conservationist, George Cleek, and NRCS Student Conservation Association Intern, Ry
an DuBois, attended an "Open Farm Day" event this past Sunday at the Bohanan Farm in Hopkinton, New Hampshire.  The purpose of the event was to raise public awareness of the importance of preserving and protecting New Hampshire's farmland. 

The Bohanan Farm has 400 acres of open and forested land with prime and unique soils.  It is one of the three remaining working dairy farms in Hopkinton and has been in use since the 1760s.  Prior to that, the land was
farmed by Native Americans.  The Bohanan Farm milks 210 cows three times a day and  produces approximately 14,500 pounds of milk daily. 

Open Farm Day events included guided tours on milk production with historical information about the land, hay ride tours, food samples from local farms, and a dog herding training show.