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Marshall Pollinator Project

By Deb Eddison, Soil Conservationist


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The Marshall pollinator planting in beautiful Carroll County was a project that addressed many resource concerns.  First and foremost, we wanted to plant a riparian buffer to stop an eroding shore bank along the Saco river.  So, trees & shrubs that promoted wildlife forage and cover were selected and planted.  Also many silver maple were planted to recreate a silver maple floodplain in areas near the river.  We constructed bird nesting boxes to enhance nesting habitat and we also then planted pollinator species, such as the ones mentioned below, in a method where at almost any time of the season there is some type of pollinator plant available to pollinators.   The field is a large agricultural hay field that is still being hayed, just not near the bank of the river anymore (that’s where the buffer is planted)  Nels Liljedahl, District Conservationist and I worked with Don Kierstead, Resource Conservationist for Ecology, the Carroll County Conservation District, and Earth Team volunteers on the project.