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NRCS Regional and State Conservationists Meet with NH Partners

November 4, 2013
Concord, NH

NRCS State Conservationist, Rick Ellsmore, and Regional Conservationist, Rich Sims, met with NH Partners at the NH Department of Agriculture in Concord, NH. Present were: Tom Wagner, Forest Supervisor, U.S. Forest Service, Jane Downing, Region I Director, Environmental Protection Agency, Kira Jacobs, EPA Water Protection, Tom Burack, Commissioner of the NH Department of Environmental Services, Collis Adams, also of the NH Department of Environmental Services, Lorraine Merrill, Commissioner NH Department of Agriculture, Markets and Food, Roger Noonan, President, NH Association of Conservation Districts, Jay Phinizy, Executive Director, Farm Service Agency, Mark Zankel, State Director of The Nature Conservancy, Jessica O'Hare of the Northern Forest Center, and Colin Lawson of Trout Unlimited.

Each person introduced themselves to Mr. Sims and gave a summary of their interactions with the NRCS and the importance of NRCS programs. The meeting was held to elicit feedback from partners and give informational updates on a variety of issues including NRCS programs, service, and pending Farm Bill legislation.  Rich Sims, Regional Conservationist, updated the group on:  The Emergency Watershed Program, The Wetlands Reserve Program, Water Quality Monitoring, and opportunities for financial assistance in the states.  He encouraged the partners to work together to have projects ready for signature, should even more funding become available throughout the year. 

Video and Audio of the meeting and comments (edited summary)


Rick Ellsmore Rich Sims with Partners Lorraine Merrill
Rick Ellsmore, NRCS NH State Conservationist Rich Sims, NRCS Regional Conservationist Lorraine Merrill, Commissioner, NH Dept. of Agriculture, Markets and Food
Tom Wagner Jane Downing Kira Jacobs
Tom Wager, US Forest Service Supervisor Jane Downing, Region I Director, Environmental Protection Agency Kira Jacobs, Water Protection, Environmental Protection Agency
 Jay Phinizy  Tom Burack  Roger Noonan
 Jay Phinizy, Executive Director, Farm Service Agency Tom Burack, Commissioner, NH Department of Environmental Services Roger Noonan, President, NH Association of Conservation Districts
 Collis Adams  Colin Lawson  Mark Zankel
 Collis Adams, Department of Environmental Services  Colin Lawson, Trout Unlimited  Mark Zankel, State Director, The Nature Conservancy
 Jessica OHare    
Jessica O'Hare, The Northern Forest Center