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Civil Rights and EEO

NH NRCS Civil Rights and Equal Employment Opportunity

NH NRCS is committed to the civil rights of our customers and employees. We deliver services equitably and strive for workforce diversity. Our equal opportunity statement spells out the Department of Agriculture's position on this as well.

Across the nation, NRCS supports civil rights and diversity with the help of our "Special Emphasis Programs".

National Civil Rights Policy Statement  (384 KB, PDF)
Required Posters  For Offices

More About NRCS Civil Rights and Special Emphasis Programs:

New Hampshire Civil Rights documents available to download. They require Adobe Acrobat.

Civil Rights Policy
Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy

Civil Rights Officer

Jason Weller, Chief

Natural Resources Conservation Service

14th and Independence Avenue, SW
Washington, DC 20250

Deputy Civil Rights Officer

Jade Nield, Acting State Conservationist
Natural Resources Conservation Service

Federal Building, 2 Madbury Rd.

Durham, NH 03824-2043

NH Civil Rights Liaison Officer

Kelly Eggleston, Chair
603-788-4651 x111




New Hampshire Civil Rights Advisory Committee

New Hampshire Acting State Conservationist

Jade Nield

(603) 868-7581
(603) 868-5301


Civil Rights Committee Chair:
Kelly Eggleston 
Ext. 111


Civil Rights Committee Advisor:  Outreach Coordinator, and Public Affairs Specialist

Betty Anderson
(603) 868-9931
Ext. 136
(603) 868-5301

Photo of Betty Anderson




NH NRCS Special Emphasis Program Contacts
Federal Women's Program Manager

Michelle Browne
603) 868-9931
Ext. 126



American Indian/Alaskan Native Special Emphasis Program Manager

Peter Whitcomb                   


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Hispanic Special Emphasis Program Manager


Black Special Emphasis Program Manager

Rachael Phillips
(603) 868-9931 x129

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Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Special Emphasis Program Manager

Tom Ebert
603-353-4651 x 111



Asian American/Pacific Islander Special Emphasis Program Manager

Brooke Smart
(603) 868-9931 x106



  Veterans Special Emphasis Program Manager

Jack Highland
(603) 353-4651
Ext. 109


Jack Highland