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Nebraska Resource Assessment

Nebraska Resource Assessment (NERA)

The Nebraska Resource Assessment (NERA) 2005 vision is to cooperatively develop a science based resource assessment that will serve as a guide to federal, state and local units of government in focusing resources to hydrologic units with the greatest need.  NERA 2005 builds upon the first NERA completed in 2000.  Data was analyzed at the eight digit hydrologic unit (HUC) level to ensure that there was consistent data across the entire state. 


A committee of state, local and federal agencies and individuals came together to review the data and provide comments on the analysis of the data.  Several data layers went into each individual resource concern's analysis.  These data layers were reviewed and assigned preliminary weights as to their impact on the resource concern.  GIS was used to summarize the data to the 8 Digit HUC across the state.  The weights given for each resource concern were summed and provided the final analysis map that displays the rankings by HUC for each resource concern.


Below you will find maps that reflect the final analysis of each of these resource concerns along with data files for the different shapefiles for each of the resource concerns. Each map is presented in an Adobe PDF format and requires Acrobat Reader  Reader to view.


The following eight resource concerns were analyzed for the 2005 NERA:


Soil Quality

Ground Water Quantity


Map/Analysis - 4.93 MB     Data File - 556 kb Map/Analysis - 4.93 MB     Data File - 556 kb

Water Quality

Map/Analysis - 4.64 MB     Data File - 556 kb Map/Analysis - 1.63 MB     Data File - 556 kb



Map/Analysis - 1.3 MB     Data File - 556 kb Map/Analysis - 3.13 MB      Data File - 556 kb

Surface Water Quality


Map/Analysis - 1.34 MB      Data File - 556 kb Map/Analysis - 3.67 MB      Data File - 556 kb


NERA 2005 (General Overview) - PDF version of power point presentation on NERA 2005, how it was created and how it has been used in Nebraska.


NERA 2005 (Resource Maps with Ranking Information) 20.4 Mb - PDF version of the final NERA 2005 document.  This contains all the maps/data that went into each resource concern, the final spreadsheets with 8 Digit HUC rankings by resource concern, data sources & an example of how NERA could be used.




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