Nebraska Engineering

Our Vision:  Excellence in Conservation, by Design

Our Mission:  Leading innovative engineering solutions to natural resource conservation 

The NRCS applies sound engineering tools and principles to plan, design, and implement conservation practices and systems through delegated approval authority.

Engineering assistance can be obtained from NRCS field offices, area offices, state offices, national centers, and the Conservation Engineering Division in Washington, DC.

The NRCS Conservation Engineering Division (CED) provides national technical leadership to engineering and environmental functions throughout the agency.
The Conservation Engineering Division advises on agency technical activities, policy development and emerging key engineering issues: Farm Bill Technical Support, Field Office Technical Guide, Snow Survey/ Water Supply Forecasting, Aging Watershed Infrastructure, Animal Manure Management, Air Quality/ Water Quality, Dam Safety and Security, Disaster Recovery.


Contact for Comments/Corrections:

Timothy Haakenstad
State Conservation Engineer
Phone: (402) 437-4037
Fax: (402) 437-5327


Last Modified 04/24/2013