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Nebraska National Resources Inventory (NRI)

NRI logoThe 2007 National Resources Inventory (NRI) is the latest in a series of inventories conducted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Natural Resources Conservation Service. It provides updated information on the status, condition and trends of land, soil, water and related resources on Nebraska's nonfederal land.

The purpose of the NRI is to provide information that can be used for effectively formulating policy and developing natural resource conservation programs at the national, state and local level. Through legislation - the Rural Development Act of 1972, the Soil and Water Resources Conservation Act of 1977, and other supporting acts - Congress mandates that the NRI be conducted every five years. This information allows Congress, Federal agencies and others to evaluate existing programs, propose potential new programs and allocate USDA financial and technical assistance to address priority natural resource concerns.

The NRI was scientifically designed and conducted and is based on recognized statistical sampling methods. Data for the NRI were collected from more than 22,000 locations by Natural Resources Conservation Service personnel across the state. NRI data are statistically reliable for state and sub-state analysis.

There was an update to the 1997 data in 2003, but this data is reliable at the state level only.  It is not statistically reliable at the county, watershed or Natural Resources District level.


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National NRI Information


National NRI Information web site


Summary Report 2007 National Resources Inventory


Summary Report 1997 National Resources Inventory (revised December 2003)

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Nebraska NRI Information


Nebraska Land Use trends

2007 Nebraska Land Cover Use Percent

Nebraska Average Annual Sheet & Rill Erosion by Broad Cover/Use by Year

Nebraska Wind Erosion

Nebraska Rangeland & Pastureland

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Nebraska CRP Land

Nebraska Irrigated Acres

Nebraska Total Prime Farmland

2007 Nebraska Cowardin System Wetlands

Nebraska's Natural Resources Trends (1982 - 1997)

Nebraska Total Surface Area by Land Cover/Use and Nebraska Water and Wind Erosion on Cropland (2003)

Nebraska Grazing Lands (2003)

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