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Why should I be a Technical Service Provider (TSP)?

TSP Shortcut

Interested in Becoming a Technical Service Provider?

It's easy--just check out the TechReg-Step by Step Guide (DOC, 96 KB).

CAP Certification Criteria

* CNMP (102)

* Nutrient Management (104)

* Grazing Management Plan (110)

* Irrigation Water Management (118)

* Transition from Irrigation to Dryland Plan (134)

* Conservation Plan Supporting Organic Transition (138)

Need Help Becoming Qualified?

* Working with Recommending Organizations and our partners is an easy way to get qualified and certified as a Technical Service Provider.

Nebraska CNMP Training Requirements

* Details on certification criteria for planners developing Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans

Apply Online

* Using your USDA User ID, you can now Apply Online to become a certified TSP.  This includes individuals, businesses, as well as Public Sector Entities.

Certification is required to be reimbursed for technical services provided to landowners and farmers under the 2002 Farm Bill conservation programs. NRCS staff, partner agencies, non-profit organizations, as well as private contractors and businesses may be certified to provide technical assistance through NRCS.  Different tasks require different certifications.  TSP can only provide services for which they have been specifically certified by NRCS in TechReg.

How do I become a TSP?

Register to become a Tech Service Provider through TechReg.

Go into TechReg and follow the "TechReg-Step by Step Guide." You will need a USDA user ID account and password.  Instructions for establishing an e-government account are available online or through a USDA Service Center.  An even more streamlined certification process is available to members of a Certifying Organizations already partnering with USDA.  To date, USDA has approved MOUs with the American Society of Agronomy and the Society of Range Management.

To use TechReg, a potential TSP must first register for a Level 2 eAuthentication account.  To do that, you must go to the TechReg home page and click on the “Apply on-line” button.  You will be directed to the eAuthentication site where you will be able to register for a Level 2 e-government account.  Once you have completed the registration process, you will have to go to a local USDA Service Center and ask to be entered into the Service Center Information Management System (SCIMS).  Your identity will be validated and your account activated.  Once your account has been activated, you will be able to log-in to TechReg using the user ID and password you created.  You will then be able to go into the TechReg site and interact regarding TSP and other USDA business.

Can I get training?

The following nine courses are available online in AgLearn at  You may access up to seven (7) online courses per year.

1.   Conservation Planning Part 1

2.   Introduction to Water Quality

3.   Nutrient Management Track 1, Part 1

4.   Pest Management Track 2, Part 1

5.   Agricultural Waste Management Systems – A Primer

6.   Agricultural Waste Management systems – Level 2

7.   Cultural Resources Training Series, Part 1

8.   Introduction to the Field Office Technical Guide

9.   Environmental Compliance for Conservation Assistance (EC Level 1)

Last Modified 05/24/2011