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Nebraska Grazing Lands Coalition

Nebraska Grazing Lands Coalition

The Nebraska Grazing Lands Coalition (NGLC) is a part of a national effort to enhance the resource stewardship and financial success of grazing land-dependent operations.  Objectives of the 14-member NGLC board, made up of mostly ranchers, are to strengthen partnerships, promote volunteer assistance and participation, respect private property rights, encourage diversification to achieve and promote education, training and public awareness of the 23 million acres of grazing lands in Nebraska.

Specific projects include co-sponsoring statewide grazing conferences to pursue common interest with other grazing groups, hosting a carbon sequestration workshop to explain what it is and how ranchers may benefit, and monitoring and lobbying legislation on grazing issues.

Our newest project, development of a network of ranching mentors, is designed to share a wealth of knowledge and experience in grassland management through a network of successful livestock production operations.  For more information visit the NGLC web site.


  • Learn from the trials, triumphs, and experiences of successful ranchers

  • Open door to grass management experts

  • Share alternatives and different perspectives

  • Grass root effort to share and discover common objectives and goals

  • Forge new ideas and share them