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Wetlands Reserve Program

Nebraska Wetlands Reserve Program

The Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP) is a voluntary program to restore wetlands. Participating landowners can establish conservation easements of either permanent or 30-year duration, or can enter into restoration cost-share agreements where no easement is involved.  Easements and restoration cost-share agreements establish wetland protection and restoration as the primary land use for the duration of the easement or agreement. In all instances, landowners continue to control access to their land.

More information availble on the National NRCS Wetlands Reserve Program website. 

The following documents require  Adobe Reader to view

Wetlands Reserve Program Fact Sheet for Nebraska

Wetlands Reserve Program Application (NRCS-CPA-1200)

Nebraska Compatible Use Guidance Document

Warranty Easement Deed in Perpetuity (NRCS-LTP-30)

Warranty Easement Deed for a Period of 30 Years (NRCS-LTP-32)

Agreement for the Purchase of a Conservation Easement (NRCS-LTP-31)

WRP Ranking Worksheet


Nebraska Wetlands Reserve Enhancement Program

Landowners and operators in south central Nebraska have another option when it comes to protecting and enhancing wetlands on their working agricultural land. The Wetlands Reserve Enhancement Program offers flexibility and opportunities to producers located within the Rainwater Basin. Learn more here.


For more information, contact:


Zach Rigg, Program Manager, (402) 437-4048



Last Modified 03/19/2013


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