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Tri-Basin NRD

    Image of Tri-Basin NRD coverage area


Office Information

Name Address Phone Numbers
Kevin Breece
District Conservationist
1609 Burlington
P.O. Box 798
Holdrege, NE 68949-0798
Phone: (308) 995-6121 ext. 3
Fax: (308) 995-8760

Kevin BreeceDistrict Conservationist Biographical Sketch

    Kevin Breece
    District Conservationist
    Tri-Basin NRD

  • Kevin started his career with NRCS (SCS) in 1978.  He worked in several field offices across the state as a Soil Conservation Technician.  He worked his way through college as a Soil Conservation Technician and received his degree in Agriculture from the University of Nebraska in 1983. 

  • He has worked as a soil conservationist in Curtis and Holdrege until 1990 when he accepted a position as an Irrigation Water Management Specialist in the Holdrege Field Office in the Tri-Basin Natural Resources District (NRD).  That position was funded by the Tri-Basin NRD, Central Nebraska Public Power, and Irrigation District and NRCS. 

  • In 1998 Kevin transferred to Grand Island as an Irrigation Specialist.  In 2000 he accepted a Resource Specialist position on the state office staff located in Grand Island.    Kevin became the District Conservationist in Holdrege in the fall of 2002. 

  • Kevin makes his home in Holdrege with his wife Mary Jo and son Nolan.

Resource Needs and Concerns

Local leaders have identified the following resource needs and concerns within the Tri-Basin NRD:

  • ground water quality concerns associated with high nitrate levels
  • surface water quality concerns associated with nitrate levels and livestock waste
  • water quantity concerns associated with cropland flooding and rising water tables
  • water quantity concerns associated with Platte River target flows and Republic River concerns
  • irrigation systems and efficiencies
  • multiple use development along the Platte River
  • grazinglands health
  • soil erosion on cropland
  • quantity and quality of wildlife habitat
  • preserving, restoring, and enhancing wetlands

Priorities Addressed by NRCS

High priority items as identified by local leaders most often relate to water issues. Irrigated cropland makes up about 80% of the land use within the Tri-Basin NRD. Along with irrigation, Platte River target flows, Republican River concerns, and wetlands are all related to water issues. High priority items include:

  • high groundwater nitrate levels
  • improving irrigation efficiencies
  • efforts to manage Platte River target flows
  • efforts to address Republican River issues
  • preserving, restoring, and enhancing wetlands
  • reducing soil erosion
  • improve the health of grazinglands
  • enhance and create wildlife habitat

Primary Programs and Services

NRCS primarily utilizes the following programs to address the resource needs and concerns identified in the area:

  • EQIP -- Environmental Quality Incentive Program
  • WHIP -- Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program
  • WRP -- Wetland Reserve Program
  • CRP -- Conservation Reserve Program
  • NSWCP -- Nebraska Soil and Water Conservation Program
  • Various Tri-Basin NRD programs

NRCS works with many partners to address the resource needs and concerns. Partners include but is not limited to the Tri-Basin NRD, Cooperative Extension Service, South Central Resource Conservation and Development, Central Nebraska Public Power & Irrigation District, Rainwater Basin Joint Venture, US Fish & Wildlife Service, Nebraska Game & Parks, Ducks Unlimited, Pheasants Forever, and surrounding NRD's.

NRCS works with area schools to provide environmental education experiences. Some of these experiences include but is not limited to the Water Jamboree, 8th Grade Conservation Days, Range Judging Contests, and Land Judging Contests.