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Central Platte NRD

Image of Central Platte coverage area


Office Information

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District Conservationist
2550 North Diers, Suite L
Grand Island, NE 68803-1214
  • Phone: (308) 395-8586 ext. 3
  • Fax: (308) 382-3688
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  • Resource Needs and Concerns
  • Priorities Addressed by NRCS
  • Primary Programs and Services
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Resource Needs and Concerns

A diversity of resource needs and concerns exist and have been identified by local leaders within the Central Platte NRD. These concerns include:


    • water quality concerns associated with high groundwater nitrate levels
    • water quantity concerns associated with cropland flooding and high water tables in urban areas
    • water quantity concerns associated with Platte River target flows and how those flows will impact endangered species recovery
    • irrigation systems
    • human population expansion along the Platte River
    • grazinglands health
    • soil erosion on cropland
    • and quantity and quality of wildlife habitat

    NRCS role in addressing the NRD and Local Work Group Priorities

    Priorities are most often related to water management issues. High priority items include:

    • groundwater nitrate level reduction
    • efforts to manage Platte River flows so that the interests irrigated agriculture producers may coexists with endangered species recovery and urban interests
    • floodwater management to prevent property damage and limitations to agriculture production
    • efforts to improve overall health of grazing lands
    • soil erosion on reduction on cropland
    • enhance the quality and increase quantity of wildlife habitat within the NRD

    NRCS is the primary source for technical expertise and assistance required to address the priorities identified by the NRD and Local Work Group. NRCS is actively involved in providing technical assistance related to irrigation water management and nutrient management to address water quality and quantity concerns.

    Primary programs and services

    NRCS utilizes the following programs on a routine basis to address the resource concerns and needs identified by the Central Platte NRD and to Local Work Group:

    • EQIP, WHIP, WRP, CRP, NSWCP, Various local NRD programs