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Our Purpose - Employees

Conservation. Our Purpose. Our Passion.

Meet Nebraska's Featured NRCS Employees
NRCS employees across Nebraska share a purpose and passion about conservation.  Meet a few here, and learn about how they help people help the land.

Mitch Keebler

NRCS Civil Engineering Technician

Mitch Keebler
Omaha, Neb., field office
25 years of service

     “One of the best parts of my job is working in a field office where the producer/landowner walks in with a problem (water erosion, animal waste, pipelines etc.,) and you can walk them through a solution. That walk might include reviewing the problem, identifying a solution, program support explanation, design, construction, and following-up afterwards.  Lots of steps in that walk, but I’m proud to see completed projects I’ve worked on and a satisfied customer.”

Cammilla Kerner

NRCS Resource Conservationist

Camilla Kerner
Beaver City, Neb., field office
15 years of service

     "My passion and commitment to my job is fueled by assisting producers that are committed to taking care of their land.   I have worked for 15 years serving the producers of Nebraska as an NRCS employee and helping them achieve their natural resource goals. 
     "Without the producers’ willingness and desire we are very limited.  I am very privileged to work in a county where the producers are conservation-minded and are always looking for ways to protect and improve their land.
     "My greatest satisfaction occurs when a producer comes to the office years after applying a practice, and tells us how wonderful it is working and all the benefits they have received because of it.  This is when we truly know we are achieving the ultimate goal of conserving and enhancing our natural resources."

Ken Kotera

NRCS Civil Engineering Technician

Ken Kotera
Wahoo, Neb., field office
27 years of service

      “In my 27-plus NRCS years, visual results to me are the most gratifying - seeing you are ‘Helping People Help the Land’.  I’m most proud of the design and construction in promoting the Wetlands Reserve Program sites.  There is a sense of satisfaction seeing conservation being put on the land and knowing I helped with preserving water quality and restoring wildlife habitat for future generations.  It’s also gratifying to provide technical assistance for land treatment options to landowners/operators in curbing soil loss.”