AWEP 2010 Funding


For fiscal year 2010, the 2008 Farm Bill allocated $73 million for the AWEP program. This will be followed by a $74 million allocation for fiscal year 2011, and a $60 million allocation for fiscal year 2012.

Please note that the amount of financial assistance provided to approved projects will change every fiscal year depending upon appropriations and agency priorities. Agricultural producers in selected project areas may apply for available AWEP financial and technical assistance at their local United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Service Center. Once an application is selected, an eligible agricultural producer will enter into a contract with NRCS to receive technical assistance and to implement approved conservation practices.  

FY 2010 Funded AWEP Proposals

Buford Trenton Irrigation District: $320,000 in funding to convert gravity flood application method to sprinkler and tail water recovery in Williams County.

Red River Basin Commission$2,615,352 in funding to engage in complementary and compatible land and water activities within the Red River Basin.

Wells County Soil Conservation District: $60,430 in funding to adopt new treatments that will enhance water quality and water quantity.