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Helping Hands in Conservation

Students planting cordgrass plugs.Mount Carmel Dam was constructed in the 1950’s in Cavalier County, N.D.  The dam provides drinking water for over 90 percent of Cavalier County’s water needs and serves as a recreation hotspot for many people.  Over the past six years, the Cavalier County water board, which owns the dam and surrounding land, has improved the dam’s water quality, wildlife habitat and aesthetic beauty.  Throughout this time, employees from the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Cavalier County Soil Conservation District (SCD), North Dakota Forest Service (FS), and students from Langdon High School’s advanced biology class have been planting trees around the dam.Students excited to be done planting trees

With the guidance of natural resources professionals, students from the advanced biology class recently planted 937 trees near the dam.  NRCS determined the proper species and locations for the plantings; the water board approved the projects; and the SCD purchased the trees. 

The students and natural resources professionals planted 500 prairie cordgrass plugs and 50 slough sedge plugs on an Agricultural Conservation Easement Program (ACEP) project that was restored in fall of 2013.   The Northern Plains Research Center donated the slough plugs.