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Area III Offices

The employee directory is also available for downloading. This document requires Adobe Acrobat.

North Dakota Employee Directory (PDF; 385 KB)

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Dickinson Area Office  
135 Sims Street, Suite 210
Dickinson, ND 58601 
Telephone: 701-225-5113
Fax: 877-478-4506
Name Title Phone Ext Cell #
Kresta L. Faaborg Assistant State Conservationist (FO) 7556 701-260-2876
Todd J. Solem * Area Resource Conservationist 115 701-690-3564
Summer A. Melchoir Program Liaison 7555 701-690-7293
Lori A. Bloom Program Assistant (Farm Bill) 7557 701-495-7557
Daniel D. Claussen Area Engineer 7651 701-690-7207
Landon J. Dinius Engineering Technician 7562  
Cynthia A. Zachmeier Area Biologist 7559 701-495-7559
Michael J. Gerbig Rangeland Management Specialist 7560 701-495-7560
Jody A. Forman ** Area Rangeland Management Specialist 112 701-523-3871
Jared W. Andrist *** Resource Conservationist 126 701-852-5438
Vacant Secretary (OA) 100  

*    Currently located at the Crosby FO, Ext. 126
**   Currently located at the Bowman FO, Ext. 112
***  Currently located at the Minot FO, Ext. 115


Beach  Field Office
49 West Main, Box 490
Beach, ND 58621-0490
Golden Valley SCD
Telephone: 701-872-4551
Fax: 877-478-4506
Name Title
Trisha J. Feiring District Conservationist
Vacant Designated Conservationist
Tara L. Vaira Soil Conservation
Nelson F. Hernandez Soil Conservationist)
Sheila R. Stedman SCD Clerk
Vacant SCD Manager/Technician


1400 Highway 49 North, #102
Beulah, ND 58523-6065
Mercer County SCD
Telephone: 701-873-2101
Fax: 877-478-4506
Name Title
Brandon J. Schwab District Conservationist
Lori B. Klein District Conservationist
Kayla R. Cotton Soil Conservation Technician
Dawn Martin SCD Manager
Kasha Hanson SCD Watershed Coordinator
Brian Kerns ACD Technician


Bowbells Field Office
5 Roosevelt Avenue, Box 336
Bowbells, ND 58721-0336
Burke County SCD
Telephone: 701-377-2831
Fax: 877-478-4506
Cell: 701-226-3152
Name Title
Mark D. Crosby District Conservationist
Nichole A. Johnson Soil Conservation Technician
Christopher (CJ) J. Cerise Soil Conservationist
Zachary P. Verlinde * Agricultural Engineer
Kelli Schumacher SCD Manager
* Part of the Dickinson AO Staff



Bowman Field Office
111 2nd Avenue NW
Box 920
Bowman, ND 58623-0920
Bowman-Slope SCD
Telephone: 701-523-3871 or 3872
Fax: 877-478-4506
Name Title
Wendy F. Bartholomay District Conservationist
Jody A. Forman* Area Rangeland Management Specialist
Nathan S. Bird Soil Conservationist
Fred D. Nass Soil Conservation Technician
Chip Fisher SCD Soil Technician
Camie J. Janikowski SCD Watershed Coordinator

* Part of the Dickinson AO Staff, Ext. 112


Carson Field Office
103 Dakota Street, Box 257
Carson, ND 58529-0257
Grant County SCD
Telephone: 701-622-3381
Fax: 877-478-4506
Name Title
Jonathan J. Fettig District Conservationist
Cheryl I. Doll Rangeland Management Specialist
Cody J. Hatzenbuhler Soil Conservation
Connie Schily SCD Manager
Daniel Devitt SCD Watershed Coordinator/Technician


Crosby Field Office
12 Main Street S
PO Box 66
Crosby, ND 58730-0066
Divide County SCD
Telephone: 701-965-6491
Fax: 877-478-4506
Name Title
Robert A. Casteel District Conservationist
Todd J. Solem* Area Resource Conservationist
Dwight A. Wolter Soil Conservation Technician
Betty Brown SCD Clerk

* Part of the Dickinson AO staff, duty station Crosby FO Ext. 115


Dickinson Field Office
2493 4th Avenue West
Dickinson, ND 58601-2623
Central Stark SCD and Western SCD
Telephone: 701-225-3811
Fax: 877-478-4506
Name Title
Russell E. Jordre District Conservationist
Jennifer K. Bullinger Rangeland Management Specialist
Arthur L. Elkins Soil Conservation Technician
Bonnie Twogood SCD Manager
Robert L. Klein SCD Technician


Hettinger Field Office
Adams County, Agr. Service Center
602 2nd Avenue N, Box 872
Hettinger, ND 58639-0872
Adams County SCD
Telephone: 701-567-2661
Fax: 877-478-4506
Name Title
Amanda J. Berg District Conservationist
Beth E. Points Soil Conservationist
Michael A. Cox Program Assistant (Farm Bill)
William Peyton Farm Bill Specialist
Cheryl Mandich Northern Great Plains Conservation Coordinator
Shari Wick SCD Technician
Gail Froelich SCD Clerk


Killdeer Field Office
105 Rodeo Drive, Box 359
Killdeer, ND 58640-0359
Dunn County SCD
Telephone: 701-764-5646
Fax: 877-478-4506
Voice Com: 9051-6030 (Susan Tuhy)
Name Title
Susan J. Tuhy District Conservationist
Derek L. Bendickson Soil Conservationist
Danelle D. Hoff Soil Conservation
Jolyn Wasem SCD Clerk
Kaylee Stein SCD Technician


Minot Field Office
1920 13th Street SE
Minot, ND 58701
Ward County SCD
Telephone: 701-852-5438, Ext. 3
Fax: 877-478-4506
Cellular Phone: 701-721-4805 (Dan Owens)
Name Title
Jerald J. Wingenbach District Conservationist
Harold Pettigrew III Soil Conservationist
Darrick W. Ystaas Wetland Specialist
Jared W. Andrist * Resource Conservationist
Daniel J. Owens * Engineering Technician
Mark Koep SCD Clerk

* Part of the Dickinson AO Staff, Ext. 126


Mohall Field Office
USDA Service Center/NRCS
805 Highway 5 East
PO Box 220
Mohall, ND 58761
Renville County SCD
Telephone: 701-756-6138
Fax: 877-478-4506
Name Title
Lena Bohm District Conservationist
Devin G. Roloff Soil Conservationist
Bruce S. Baska Soil Conservation Technician
Barbara A. Taylor Program Assistant (Farm Bill)
Dara Abernathey SCD Manager/Technician
Jacob Smith SCD Technician


Mott Field Office
319 Brown Avenue, Box 190
Mott, ND 58646-0190
Slope-Hettinger SCD
Telephone: 701-824-3218 and 3219
Fax: 877-478-4506
Name Title
Darrin D. Olin District Conservationist
Angela Moch Soil Conservationist
Pamela Meier SCD Manager
Ashley Timm SCD Clerk


Selfridge  Field Office
S & L Office Building
21 N. Main Street
PO Box 47
Selfridge, ND 58568
Cedar SCD
Telephone: 701-422-3332
Fax: 877-478-4506
Name Title
Neil L. Schaar District Conservationist
Vacant Soil Conservationist
Debbie Vollmuth SCD Manager
Hank LaBore SCD Technician


Standing Rock Field Office  
SR Administrative Service Center
Bldg. 1, Room 303
North Standing Rock Avenue
Ft. Yates, ND 58538-0483
Telephone: 701-854-3775
Fax: 877-478-4506
Cellular Phone: 701-226-3152
VoiceCom: 9051-6215
Name Title
Vacant Rangeland Conservationist


Stanley Field Office  
21 1st Street SE, Box 355
Stanley, ND 58784-0355
Mountrail County SCD
Telephone: 701-628-2151
Fax: 877-478-4506
Name Title
Robert L. McBride District Conservationist
Tighe L. Teets Soil Conservationist
Pam Germundson SCD Manager
Tyler C. Uran SCD Technician
Joleen Swartz SCD Manager
Easton Brown SCD Technician


Watford City Field Office
109 5th Street SW, Box 583
Watford City, ND 58854-0583
McKenzie County SCD
Telephone: 701-842-3628 or 701-842-6047
Fax: 877-478-4506
Name Title
Kyle S. Hartel District Conservationist
Lloyd M. Alveshere Soil Conservationist
Nicole L. Darrington Soil Conservation
Jacqlyn Heins SCD Technician
Kalsey Kronberg SCD Business Manager
Teale Throntveit SCD Technician


Williston Field Office 
1106 West 2nd Street
Williston, ND 58801-5804
Williams County SCD
Telephone: 701-572-6729
Fax: 877-478-4506
Name Title
Kevin H. Seitz District Conservationist
Malinda P. Ferguson Soil Conservationist (PT)
Scott A. Nordloef Soil Conservation Technician
Sue Zavalney SCD Manager
Nyle Trogstad SCD Technician