North Dakota NRCS State Office Directory

220 East Rosser Avenue
PO Box 1458
Bismarck, ND 58502-1458

Phone: 701-530-2000
Fax: 855-813-7556

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North Dakota Employee Directory (PDF; 386 KB)


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State Conservationist Staff - Room 270 

Name Title Phone
Mary E. Podoll State Conservationist 701-530-2003
701-226-8620 (cell)
Linda K. Kassian Administrative Assistant 701-530-2001 (direct line)


Programs and Financial Assistance Staff - Room 270 

Name Title Phone
Jennifer C. Heglund Assistant State Conservationist (Programs) 701-530-2095
701-220-7667 (cell)
Ronald W. Herr Resource Conservationist 701-530-2051
Tracy L. Dove Resource Conservationist 701-530-2002
Jarvis R. Keney Resource Conservation (Programs/Compliance) 701-530-2005
Rebecca R. Hill Secretary 701-530-2006


Operations Staff - Room 270 

Name Title Phone
Jill S. Howard Assistant State Conservationist (Operations) 701-530-2073
701-214-8874 (cell) 


Watersheds and Easements Staff - Room 270 and 234 

Name Title Phone
Todd C. Hagel Assistant State Conservationist (Water Resources) 701-530-2004
701-202-9056 (cell)
JoDean W. Nichols Economist 701-530-2093
Donald E. Felch Biologist 701-530-2023
Virginia K. Mehlhoff Natural Resources Specialist 701-530-2104
Jeffrey C. Roel Resource Conservationist 701-530-2033
Rebecca R. Hill Secretary 701-530-2006


Public Affairs Staff - Room 270  (Fax: 855.813.7556)

Name Title Phone
Tanya J. Koch State Public Affairs Officer 701-530-2096
701-516-2836 (cell)


Administrative Staff - Room 278  (Fax: 855.813.7556)

Name Title Phone
Lisa J. Lund State Administrative Officer 701-530-2098
701-426-3397 (cell)
Myron L. Steier Budget Officer 701-530-2013
701-425-2590 (cell)
Bonny Jo Zimmer Budget Analyst 701-530-2105
Julie A. Swalling Financial Technician 701-530-2016
Darla J. Erickson Financial Technician 701-530-2012
John D. Armstrong Procurement Technician 701-530-2097
Connie R. Kobs Mail Clerk 701-530-2015
Darlita J. Sarkilahti Human Resources Manager 701-530-2008
701-426-3390 (cell)
Mary S. Hirchert Human Resources Assistant 701-530-2009
Angela H. Armstrong Miscellaneous Assistant 701-530-2041


Engineering Staff - Room 256  (Fax: 855.813.7556)

Name Title Phone
Christi A. Fisher State Conservation Engineer 701-530-2091
701-426-3396 (cell)
Vacant Construction Engineer 701-530-2085
Nicholas M. Reynolds Design Engineer 701-530-2088
Jon "Scott" Davis Civil Engineer 701-530-2087
Juan E. Ramirez Engineering Technician (Drafting) 701-530-2090
Rebecca R. Hill Secretary 701-530-2006


Ecological Sciences Staff - Room 246  (Fax: 855.813.7556)

Name Title Phone
Todd A. Schwagler State Resource Conservationist 701-530-2084
701-320-1460 (cell)
Wayne Markegard Plant Materials Specialist 701-530-2075
Jeffrey L. Printz State Rangeland Management Specialist 701-530-2080
Theodore J. Alme State Agronomist 701-530-2079
Curtis W. Bradbury State Biologist 701-530-2083
Rodney S. Dahl Appeals Specialist 701-530-2026
701-202-7719 (cell)
Karri L. Springer State Cultural Resource Specialist 701-530-2060
Craig M. Stange* State Forester 701-250-4330
Daniel J. Wingenbach** Resource Conservationist 701-252-1460
Brian E. Johnston GIS Specialist 701-530-2035
Shirley A. Klein Secretary (OA) 701-530-2078
*   Located at the Bismarck Plant Materials Center.
** Located at the Jamestown Area Office.


MLRA/Soils Staff - Room 257  (Fax: 855.813.7556)

Name Title Phone
Wade D. Bott State Soil Scientist 701-530-2021
701-426-3391 (cell)
Susan E. Samson-Liebig Soil Quality Specialist 701-530-2018
Steven J. Sieler State Soil Liaison 701-530-2019
Carol V. Peterson* Ecological Site Inventory Specialist 701-250-4518 x127
Clarence W. Clayton ICCS Leader 701-530-2076

* Currently located at the Bismarck MLRA Soil Survey Office