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Area I Offices

The employee directory is also available for downloading. This document requires Adobe Acrobat.

North Dakota Employee Directory  (PDF; 385 KB)

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Bottineau / Cando / Carrington / Cavalier / Cooperstown / Devils Lake FO / Fessenden / Finley / Grand Forks / Hillsboro / Lakota / Langdon / Minnewaukan / New Rockford / Park River / Rolla / Rugby / Towner


Devils Lake Area Office 

706 8th Avenue SE, Suite 1
Devils Lake, ND  58301-3749 

Telephone: 701-662-7967, Ext. 5
Fax: 855-888-6970

Name Title Cell #
Richard M. Webb Assistant State Conservationist (FO) 701-269-3146
Shawn P. Krance Area Resource Conservationist 701-381-9402
Draper E. Lundquist Program Liaison 701-381-2209
Catherine M. Sobolik Area Engineer 701-739-9113
Kyle L. Horntvedt Agricultural Engineer  
Jason L. Sieler Resource Conservationist (Wetlands)  
Heather R. Noel Wetland Biologist  
Brandon A. Kottke Area Biologist  
Dustin J. Brodina Resource Conservationist  
Joseph J. Golden Program Assistant (Farm Bill)  
Lance A. Duey Area Resource Soil Scientist  
Diane D. Halverson Secretary (OA)  


Bottineau  Field Office

Page Building
117 West 5th Street
Bottineau, ND 58318-1279

Turtle Mountain SCD and Mouse River SCD

Telephone: 701-228-3611 x3
Fax: 855-888-6970

Name Title
Amelia J. Sand District Conservationist
Robert N. Guetter Soil Conservationist
Colette M. Guariglia Soil Conservation Technician
Kari J. Beckman SCD Manager (Turtle Mountain)
Linda K. Tooke SCD Technician
Lola Kimpland SCD Manager (Mouse River)


Cando Field Office

1200 Highway 281 South
Cando, ND 58324-6100 

Towner County SCD

Telephone: 701-968-4457
Fax: 855-888-6970 

Name Title
Brandon J. Schwab District Conservationist
Pamela J. Walter Soil Conservationist
Ross A. Myers Soil Conservation Technician
Carie M. Moore SCD Technician/Clerk


Carrington Field Office

USDA Building
6720 Highway 200
Carrington, ND 58421-8701

Foster County SCD

Telephone: 701-652-2551
Fax: 855-888-6970

Name Title
Paul DuBourt District Conservationist
Nichole A. Johnson Soil Conservation Technician
Codie L. Larson Program Liaison
Amanda C. DuBourt Wetland Specialist
Dionn Schaaf SCD Manager



Cavalier Field Office

600 Division Avenue South
PO Box 476
Cavalier, ND 58220-0476 

Pembina County SCD

Telephone: 701-265-3131
Fax: 855-888-6970

Name Title
Christopher D. Nelson District Conservationist
vacant Soil Conservationist
Robert H. Lundquist, III Soil Conservation Technician
Kristina Herman Halverson SCD Manager
Trudy Jo V. Wileman SCD Bookkeeper




Cooperstown Field Office

805 Lenham Avenue SW., Box 526
Cooperstown, ND 58425-0526 

Griggs County SCD

Telephone: 701-797-2240
Fax: 855-888-6970

Name Title
Vacant District Conservationist
Andrew J. Jewett Soil Conservationist
John A. Bauer Wetland Specialist
Sonya D. Bendickson Soil Conservation Technician
Nathan Johnson SCD Manager/Technician


Devils Lake Field Office

706 8th Avenue SE, Suite 2
Devils Lake, ND  58301-3749 

Ramsey County SCD

Telephone: 701-662-7967
Fax: 855-888-6970

Name Title
Paul J. Thompson District Conservationist
Vacant Soil Conservationist
Benjamin G. Wendt Soil Conservationist
Brianna Frelich SCD Clerk


Fessenden  Field Office

202 Vine Avenue, Box 7
Fessenden, ND 58438-0007

Wells County SCD

Telephone: 701-547-3622
Fax: 855-888-6970

Name Title
Pamela R. Copenhaver District Conservationist
Vacant Soil Conservationist
Tania N. Nanna Wetland Specialist
Anne Ehni SCD Manager
Dave Frison SCD Watershed Coordinator
Toni Yow SCD Technician


Finley Field Office

101 Industrial Drive
Finley, ND 58230 

Steele County SCD

Telephone: 701-524-2851
Fax: 855-888-6970

Name Title
Reggie L. Laframboise District Conservationist
Bobbie G. Ostrom Soil Conservationist
Nancy Kainz SCD Clerk
Kyle Mehus SCD Clerk
Vacant SCD Technician


Grand Forks Field Office

4775 Technology Circle #1B
Grand Forks, ND 58203-5635

Grand Forks County SCD

Telephone: 701-772-2321
Fax: 855-888-6970
Cellular Phones:  701.739.5706, 701.739.5709, and 701.740.2299 

Name Title
Kevin M. Gietzen District Conservationist
Lorilie M. Atkinson Soil Conservationist
Danny T. Mager Soil Conservation Technician
Paul H. Bjorg Soil Conservation Technician
Alexander D. Sethre Program Assistant (Farm Bill)
Ryan Thorson SCD Technician
Kristine Larson SCD Watershed Coordinator
Joshua Moe SCD Technician
Jill Kvasager SCD Clerk


Hillsboro Field Office

804 W. Caledonia
PO Box 727
Hillsboro, ND 58045-0727

Traill County SCD

Telephone: 701-436-4311
Fax: 855-888-6970 

Name Title
Curtis L. Zerface District Conservationist
Vacant Soil Conservation Technician
Debra Sorsen SCD Manager
Allen Whetham SCD Technician


Lakota Field Office

208 4th Ave SW
P.O. Box 249
Lakota, ND 58344-0249

Nelson County SCD

Telephone: 701-247-2514
Fax: 855-888-6970

Name Title
DeAnn R. Galde District Conservationist
Andrew W. Willyard Soil Conservationist
Korrey Tweed SCD Manager


Langdon Field Office

800 9th Avenue E, Suite B
Langdon, ND 58249-2936

Cavalier County SCD

Telephone: 701-256-2484
Fax: 855-888-6970 

Name Title
Brenyn D. Hardy District Conservationist
Craig M. Brumbaugh Soil Conservationist
Grace E. Bredeson Soil Conservationist
Kathy Jordan SCD Manager


Minnewaukan  Field Office

210 Main Street East, Box 158
Minnewaukan, ND 58351-0158

North Central SCD

Telephone: 701-473-5324
Fax: 855-888-6970

Name Title
Matthew W. Seufert District Conservationist
Jesse P. Mastrian Soil Conservationist
John P. George Soil Conservationist
Kenneth Lunde SCD Manager
Zackary Kennedy SCD Technician
Cody Wegner SCD Technician


New Rockford Field Office 

7 First Street South
New Rockford, ND 58356-1927

Eddy County SCD

Telephone: 701-947-2436
Fax: 855-888-6970

Name Title
Donald K. Olds District Conservationist
Bruce G. Seibold Engineering Technician
Candice M. Sauvageau Soil Conservation Technician
Edwin Haman SCD Technician
Shannon Anderson SCD Clerk


Park River Field Office 

417 Park Street West, Suite 1
Park River, ND 58270

Walsh County- Three Rivers SCD

Telephone: 701-284-7466
Fax: 855-888-6970

Name Title
Rita H. Sveen District Conservationist
Gwen L. Sobolik Soil Conservationist
Steve E. Ashpole Soil Conservation Technician
Eric Morgan Farm Bill Specialist
Joleen Swartz SCD Manager
Easton Brown SCD Technician
Sarah Johnston SCD Watershed Coordinator


Rolla Field Office

1106 Main Avenue W., Suite 3
Rolla, ND 58367-7609

Rolette County SCD

Telephone: 701-477-8228
Fax: 855-888-6970

Name Title
Brian G. Gysbers District Conservationist
Katelin M. Plautz Soil Conservationist
Nikki M. Hanretty Soil Conservation Technician
Henry L. LaRocque* Resource Conservationist
Larry Sitter SCD Manager

* Part of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa TO staff, duty station in the Rolla FO










Rugby Field Office 

126 2nd Avenue SW, Suite 104
Rugby, ND  58368-1724

Pierce County SCD

Telephone: 701-776-2207
Fax: 855-888-6970

Name Title
Bradley S. Jacobs District Conservationist
Vacant Soil Conservationist
Vacant SCD Technician
Michelle Lowman SCD Clerk
Kodi Harmel SCD Assistant


Towner Field Office

705 Main Street South, Suite 2
Towner, ND 58788

North McHenry County SCD
South McHenry County SCD

Telephone: 701-537-5138
Fax: 855-888-6970

Name Title
Douglas D. Dragseth District Conservationist
Patrick D. Wagner Soil Conservationist
Randy L. Myers Soil Conservation Technician
Vacant SCD Technician
Lorinda Haman SCD Manager (North McHenry)
Vacant SCD Manager (South McHenry)