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Special Emphasis Programs

Special Emphasis activities and support are an integral part of the Civil Rights Program at the Natural Resources Conservation Service.  Special Emphasis Programs include:

Within their respective programs, Special Emphasis Program Managers (SEPM) assist the director, Civil Rights Division, to ensure that equal opportunity is present in all aspects of NRCS programs and services.  This includes assisting the director to provide leadership to identify under-representation and ensure positive actions are being taken to address any such problem areas.  Access the National Civil Rights Division at

The FWP, HEP, and DEP are government-wide programs that have been mandated and established by law, and must have individual special emphasis program managers.  Federal Equal Employment Opportunity regulations further require that a special emphasis program shall be established for any group where under-representation exists.  Therefore, the NRCS has special emphasis programs for BEP, APIEP, AIANEP, and LGBTEP. 

The following document requires Adobe Acrobat.

North Dakota SEPM Brochure (PDF; 384 KB)