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Outreach is defined as efforts and activities conducted to ensure that all customers (that is, individuals, groups, populations, and communities) throughout the United States and its territories are made aware of, understand, and have a working knowledge of NRCS programs and services.  Outreach will ensure that participation in and benefits of these programs and services are equitable and accessible to all customers, including the underserved.

North Dakota NRCS has been and will continue to be supportive of outreach activities in the State to ensure equitable and timely participation in NRCS assisted programs.  Examples of outreach:

  • Full time resource conservationist positions are located on each of North Dakota's four major reservations.  The resource conservationists are responsible for working with the Tribes and Tribal land users in the development and conservation of their lands.
  • Through partnership efforts with local soil conservation districts, many counties have hosted "Women Ag Day/Nights" with agenda topics targeted toward women agricultural producers.

Outreach Plan Tip Sheet

The following document requires Adobe Acrobat.

Outreach Plan Tip Sheet  (PDF; 65 KB)


Todd Hagel, Assistant State Conservationist (Water Resources)
Bismarck, ND.  Phone: 701-530-2004, email:

Carey Dreher, Resource Conservationist
New Town, ND.  Phone: 701-627-3627, email:

Henry (Chick) LaRocque, Resource Conservationist
Belcourt, ND.  Phone: 701-477-8228, email: