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Disability Emphasis Program

Welcome to the North Dakota NRCS Disability Emphasis Program webpage.  More than ten percent of the American population has a disability. Someone you know, a family member, a friend, or a co-worker may have a condition that limits their participation in some of life's most common activities.

Disability Emphasis Program Manager (DEPM)

The DEPM encourages hiring, placement and advancement of employees with disabilities and helps to ensure that qualified persons with disabilities receive equal treatment in all aspects of employment and program delivery.  The DEPM also provides guidance, oversight and training to employees and outreach to customers, while working closely with other special emphasis program managers and the Civil Rights Action Committee.

North Dakota DEPM

Brandon Kottke
701.652.2551 x101

North Dakota DEPM Responsibilities

  • Evaluate and report the impact of recruitment, selection, placement, promotion, training, counseling and career development policies and practices;
  • Develop and/or coordinate the development of Disability Emphasis Program business plan of operations;
  • Analyze and evaluate statistical reports of the workforce in areas such as awards, workforce distribution, training, attrition, under representation and under utilization to identify barriers to the recruitment, employment and advancement of persons with disabilities; and recommend corrective action, if needed;
  • Participate in the development and implementation of Affirmative Employment Program plans; and
  • Support the national DEPM in implementing a viable Disability Emphasis Program agency-wide
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