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Certified Conservation Planner Policy and Guidance

Certified Conservation Planner (CCP)

All conservation plans developed for NRCS purposes with the assistance of NRCS and partner employees will be approved by a NRCS or partner Certified Conservation Planner (CCP). A certified conservation planner is a person who has demonstrated the necessary skills, training, and experience to assist clients to identify resource problems, to express the client's objectives, to propose feasible solutions to resource problems, and leads the client to choose and implement an effective alternative that treats resource concerns and meets their objectives.

Certified Conservation Planner Information

The following documents require Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Powerpoint, or Microsoft Word

NC 409 North Carolina Certified Conservation Planner Policy  (Last Modified 07/30/2009)

National Cultural Resources Procedures Handbook Amendment NC01 - NC Supplement to Part 601 of Title 190  (PDF; 45 KB)  (Last Modified 08/31/2007)

North Carolina Cultural Resources Policy Summary  (PDF; 35 KB)  (Last Modified 08/31/2007)

Form NC-CCP-01 - Documentation of Completed Training or Waiver (PDF, 30 KB) (Last Modified 7/30/2009)
Form NC-CCP-02 - Documentation of On-site Field Review of Conservation Plan (PDF, 35 KB) (Last Modified 7/30/2009)
Form NC-CCP-03 - Request for Certification (Non-NRCS/Partnership) (PDF, 10 KB) (Last Modified 7/30/2009)
Form NC-CCP-04 - Checklist For Reviewing Conservation Plans (PDF, 110 KB) (Last Modified 7/30/2009)
Form NC-CCP-05 - CCP RMS-Level Plan Submission (PDF, 30 KB) (Last Modified 7/30/2009)

The Conservation Plan

Conservation Planning Aids

Conservation Planning Requirements (PDF; 11 KB) 

Organizing a Conservation Plan  (PPT; 253 KB) 

Plan Format and Content - NC Supplement to Part 600.3, NPPH  (PDF; 40 KB)  (Last Modified 09/20/2006)