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Technical References

The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service is frequently referred to as the "technical arm of the Department of Agriculture". The ability of NRCS to successfully carry out its mission requires that the Agency's technical assistance be based on sound science and technology. The technology incorporated into NRCS conservation practices is supported by extensive field-based experience of NRCS and its partners across the United States, as well as research by USDA's Agricultural Research Service, land grant universities and other research institutions, various environmental organizations, and the private sector.

A brief overview of NRCS conservation planning technology in North Carolina  is available that explains the planning process and the role of the Field Office Technical Guide.

Below are specific technical references that should be used in developing conservation plans in North Carolina to meet USDA-NRCS standards:

North Carolina Technical References

Technical References

National Technical Resources

Information for Farmers and Ranchers


Draft FOTG

North Carolina Practice Standards - Drafts for Review