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News Release

Now is the time to submit applications for Farm Bill Conservation Program funding

Stuart Ashby Lee


NRCS will be reviewing all eligible applications for the Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP) and for the Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program (WHIP) for potential funding opportunities during the following four separate 30-day review periods:

Review Period 1: November 15, 2013

Review Period 2: January 17, 2014

Review Period 3: March 21, 2014

Review Period 4: May 16, 2014.

All applications received by the close of business on any one of the dates listed will be reviewed and ranked during the following 30-day review and ranking period.  All eligible applications received in the NRCS Field Office by close of business on the dates listed above will be considered for funding. If you miss one of the dates listed above, your application will be considered for potential funding during the next 30-day review and application-ranking period. Applications are ranked based on greatest to least positive impact they have on natural resource protection, enhancement and conservation.  It is important to remember that all programs are voluntary and you can sign-up for programs any time throughout the year regardless of review and ranking periods.

All applicants should have an active Conservation Plan on file in their local NRCS Field Office, have met all program eligibility requirements, and have all documentation on file prior to the review periods.

For more information on eligibility please select the following link - Eligibility.
For more information on Conservation Planning please select the following link - Conservation Planning. 
For a Conservation Planning Self Assessment use the following link - Conservation Planning Self Assessment. 
For more information on program please select the following link - Programs.