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NRCS Economic Training Materials | NRCS Economics

NRCS Economics Handbooks

Be a Better Economist (ppt 2.7mb) Hal Gordon
CP52 Economics Documentation Guide Handbook Hal Gordon
CP52 Economics Documentation Guide Presentation Hal Gordon
Computer Tools for Conservation Decision Making David Buland
Contingent Valuation/Recreational Values David Buland
Conservation Effects for Decision-makers Hal Gordon
Conservation Practice Physical Effects Hal Gordon
Core 4 Iowa DNR
Dam Rehab Economics Dale Pekar
Decision Support for Homeowners in Fire Ecosystems for Benefits and Costs Estimation Madalene Ransom
Dollars and Sense in Conservation Flo Swartz
Employee Development Program Guidelines (New Employees should read!) NRCS General Manual
Employee Development Plan for New Economists NRCS Economists
Updated Employee Development Plan for GS-12 Economists NRCS Economists
Economics of Conservation Planning NEDS Course Lectures Hal Gordon,
David Buland
and other trainers.
Economics of Conservation Planning Course, (PPT, 529 KB) Angie Vandyke
Economics of Conservation Planning
Handouts and Materials   (DOC, 49.5 KB)
Angie Vandyke
The Economics of Grazing, (PPT, 646KB) Leah Duzy
Economics of Policy Implementation (PPT, 3.30 MB) Dr Sandra S. Batie
Economist Role in Water Resource Programs (PPT, 2.70 MB) Bruce Julian
Environmental Markets:   New Approaches for Natural Resources Management Webinar
The agricultural economics profession has developed valuable information and insights into these markets. This Web seminar is sponsored by the Resource Economics Division
, NRCS, and The Council on Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics (C-FARE).  Recorded Presentation
Noel Gollehon
Financial Feasibility and Scheduling Conservation Practice Installation, (PDF, 14KB) June Moss, MI
Market-based Approaches to Conservation, (PPT, 1.3MB) Douglas Lawrence
Market Failure:  The Case of Externalities (PPT, 3.02 MB) Jay D. Atwood
One day Intro-Economics/Conservation Training Course
ME Intro to Econ I Introduction (PPT, 1.22 MB)
ME Intro to Econ II Analysis Types (PPT, 531 KB)
ME Intro to Econ III NRCS tools (PPT, 2.71 MB)
John Long, ME
Practices to Address Each Resource Concern (XLSX 1.95 KB) Hal Gordon
Social Economics Slide Presentation for New Employees Training, 1993 Ted Kuntz
Texas Impacts of Erath Co. Dairy Industry (PPT, 468 KB) David Buland
Windbreak Economics (PPT, 1.31 MB) June Moss
Applying Biosolids:  Issues for Virginia Agriculture (PDF, 60.4 KB) David Faulkner
Interest, Annuities and Amortization (XLS, 135 KB) Angie Vandyke
Economics of Conservation Planning Course NEDC
Economic Proficiency Model for Conservation Planners NRCS Economists
Economic Training Recommendations for Conservation Planners (DOC, 27KB) NRCS Economists
Economic Tools for Technical Assistance NRCS Economists
Ecosystem Benefits Dennis M. King, Ph.D
Ecosystem Sustainability Framework for County Analysis David Buland
Ecosystem Valuation Site Dennis M. King, Ph.D
Grass Farming Case Studies Bryan Petrucci
Historical Price Indexes David Buland
Hispanics in Agriculture David Buland
IMPLAN Regional Economic Analysis and Data David Buland
, (DOC, 126KB)
NRCS Economists
New York State NRCS Program Impacts Flo Swartz
Normalized Prices David Buland
NRCS Economic Technical Notes David Buland
Plans Of Work (POW) and To-Do Items for Project Evaluations
CA Watershed POW, (XLS, 28KB)
East Locust MO POW, (XLS, 35KB)
Pick Creek MO POW, (DOC, 55KB)
Coon Creek Rehab ND POW, (XLS, 76KB)
Work Items Needed for Evaluation of Irrigation Project, (PDF, 402KB)
Work Items Needed for Evaluation of Watershed Protection Project, (PDF, 321KB)
Work Items Needed for Evaluation of Agricultural Flooding, (PDF, 340KB)
Work Items Needed for Evaluation of Urban Flood Damages, (PDF, 318KB)
David Buland
Position Descriptions David Buland
PL-566 Benefits in Kansas (PPT, 2MB) Paul Gallagher, KS
Prioritization Worksheet, (XLS, 44KB) Hal Gordon, WNTSC
RMS Planning Tool, Identify resource problems and recommend practices, (XLS, 4.75 MB) Hal Gordon, WNTSC
CPPE and Rapid Watershed Assessment Tool, (XLS, 1.42MB) June Moss, MI
Social Sciences Training Tools SSI
Tools to Evaluate Economics (2009), (PPT, 2.2MB) Hal Gordon, WNTSC
Understanding Internal Rate of Return and Net Present Value David Buland
Use Conservation Buffers to make Dollars and Sense ISU
Dale Pekar's Watershed Economics Training (PPT, 58K) Dale Pekar