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Conservation Practice Physical Effects | NRCS Economics

We recently updated our Conservation Practices Physical Effects matrix for the Human-Economic resource and developed a planning tool. The attached excel spreadsheet describes the economic effects of each conservation practice. A qualitative statement describes the conservation practice's impact on Land, Labor, Capital and Risk. The program also gives a practice description, units, typical land use and a relative cost estimate.

This tool was developed per a field office request and also to help Oregon's technical team update/revise our CPPE matrix in Section V of the Field Office Technical Guide. The only information you need to run the program is the conservation practice code (type it into the little box).

For further information, please contact the developer, Hal Gordon, Economist, NRCS Oregon, (503) 414-3234.

Some of the following tools are available in Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Excel formats, or the zip file utility.

Model Description NRCS Contact
RMS Planning Tool, Identify resource problems and recommend practices, (XLS, 4.75 MB) Hal Gordon, WNTSC
Conservation Plan Effects Summary  (XLS 793 KB) Hal Gordon
Guide sheet shows RMS alternative effects on resource concerns (XLS 1.53 MB) Hal Gordon
Keeping the CPPE and LOOKUP sheets current (PDF 1.26 MB) Hal Gordon
National CPPE Listing (XLS, 1.2MB) Hal Gordon
National CPPE Listing Numbers (XLS, 536KB) Hal Gordon
Revised Economic CPPE  (XLS 128 KB) Hal Gordon
FOTG CPPE  (ZIP 34.9 KB) Hal Gordon
Texas CPPE (XLS 401 KB) James Featherston
Mississippi CPPE  (XLS 130 KB) Glynda Clardy
CPPE and Rapid Watershed Assessment Tool, (XLS, 1.42MB) June Moss, MI