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IEc's Sport fishing Database

IEc's Sport Fishing Database

Industrial Economics, Incorporated (IEc) has developed a database that provides a detailed accounting of the contents of over 100 sport fishing valuation studies conducted from 1975 through 1996. This database includes descriptions of the resources being valued, including species and resource quality characteristics, study location, and a wide-range of other study characteristics. This database was developed under funding provided by the US Fish and Wildlife Service's Division of Economics. As a result of the many requests we have received for access to these data, we are making the database available to the public through our website. The database can be found under "Information Products". Once you sign-on, you can query the database to obtain specific information on each of the studies, download reports that describe the database in detail, comment on the database, and make suggestions for studies that might be added to the database.

The following report describes the Sport Fishing Values Database. "A Database of Sport Fishing Values" (PDF, 848K)

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