Conservation Engineering Staff Responsiblities

Vision:  Excellence in Conservation, by Design
Mission:  Leading innovative engineering solutions to natural resources conservation

Director – Noller P. Herbert, P.E.
•    Leadership and Supervision
•    Engineering policy and direction
•    Engineering advice and guidance to Chief and top leadership
•    USDA Dam Safety Officer
•    NRCS Dam Safety Officer and USDA’s representative on ICODS
•    Engineering job approval authority process
•    National Design, Construction, Soil Mechanics Center
•    National Soil Mechanics Laboratories
•    National Water Management Center
•    Geological Services Unit (GSU)
•    Conservation Innovation Grant (CIG)
•    Water Resources Programs –

  • Emergency Watershed Protection Program
  • Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Program
  • Watershed Surveys and Planning
  • Watershed Operations, and Watershed Rehabilitation

National Agricultural Engineer – Wayne Bogovich, P.E.
•    Engineering leadership for Field Office Technical Guide (FOTG)
•    National Conservation Practice Standards (CPS) (163), plus Interim Practice Standards
•    National CPS Data Steward
•    Chair, National Conservation Practice Standards Subcommittee (NCPSS)
•    Energy lead for S&T
•    Chief’s Nationalization of Conservation Practice Documents Streamlining initiative (CPD)
•    National Conservation Planning Manual
•    Erosion prediction technology
•    Engineering Business Area Advisory Group (EBAAG)
•    S&T contact for Combined State Reviews
•    American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers  (ASABE) Liaison
•    Boy Scouts of America Environmental/Conservation Task Force Liaison

National Civil Engineer – David Thackeray, P.E.
•    Engineering policy and directive issues
•    Professional practice and general engineering issues
•    CED budget coordination

National Construction Engineer – David Pacheco, P.E.
•    ASTM and AWWA standards coordination
•    Construction management
•    Maintenance of materials specifications and construction specifications
•    Contract Administration coordination
•    COR for rehabilitation assessments, watershed planning, design and construction management task orders under IDIQ A&E contracts
•    International Erosion Control Association (IECA) Liaison
•    Land Improvement Contractors Association (LICA) Liaison
•    Association of General Contractors (AGC) Liaison
•    Radiation Safety Division (RSD) Liaison and agency radiation safety coordination

National Design Engineer – Steve Durgin, P.E.
•    Dam safety and dams inventory
•    Engineering job approval
•    ASDSO liaison
•    Design standard variance requests
•    Review of Engineering reports
•    Represents Director on Inter-Agency Committee on Dam Safety (ICODS)
•    Represents Director on National Dam Safety Review Board (NDSRB)
•    Coordinates engineering research activities with Agricultural Research Service (ARS)
•    Represents Director on DHS – National Infra-structure Protection Plan – Dam Sector –   Governmental Coordinating Council (GCC)
•    ACI Standards Coordination

National Environmental Engineer (Acting) – Sally Bredeweg, P.E.
•    Agricultural manure and waste management
•    Manure Management Planning (CNMP)
•    Animal Waste Management Design Software
•    Agricultural Water quality
•    Mortality management
•    Pathogen management  
•    USDA-EPA CED liaison
•    Animal agriculture and climate change working group member
•    Member of American Society of Agricultural and Biological Systems Engineers (ASABE)
•    Member of Soil and Water Conservation Society
•    B.S. Degree in Agricultural Engineering from Colorado State University
•    M.S. Degree in Agricultural and Biological Systems Engineering, University of Lincoln, Nebraska

National Geologist – Vacant
•    Sedimentation
•    Groundwater/Hydrogeology
•    Geomorphology
•    Engineering Geology
•    Auxiliary Spillway Erosion Technology
•    Represents USDA on National Dredging Team, with emphasis on coordination of watershed sediment management with beneficial uses of dredged materials from navigation projects
•    Agency Membership on the Advisory Committee for Water Information, Subcommittee on Sedimentation (SOS)
•    Project Manager for Geological Services Unit (GSU), comprised of 32 NRCS geologists in 26 states, providing nationwide services, funded entirely through CED

National Hydraulic Engineer – Claudia Hoeft, P.E.
•    Hydrology and Hydraulics
•    ARS Hydrology Lab liaison
•    Climate and meteorology
•    Climate Change
•    Stormwater management
•    Water supply and conservation
•    Member of Advisory Committee on Water Information Subcommittee on Hydrology
•    Represent Director on Department of Homeland Security, National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP) Government Coordinating Council—Water Sector
•    American Society of Civil Engineer (ASCE) Watershed Management Technical Committee

National Landscape Architect – Robert Snieckus, F.A.S.L.A., P.L.A.
•    Standards and Environmental Policy
•    Community assistance
•    Visual assessment and simulation
•    USDA People’s Garden Initiative
•    Soil Bioengineering
•    Stream and Wetland Restoration  
•    ASLA, ASAE & International Association of Landscape Ecology liaison
•    Technical Development of landscape architecture staff
•    Watershed Project development review

National Water Management Engineer – Rob Sampson, P.E.
•    Irrigation Water Management
•    Livestock Water Management
•    Drainage Water Management
•    Wetlands Restoration/Creation
•    USDI-Bureau of Reclamation Liaison
•    USDI-Bureau of Indian Affairs Irrigation Liaison
•    USDA-ARS Irrigation liaison
•    Irrigation Association liaison
•    Subcommittee on Water Quality and Availability member
•    Agricultural Drainage Management Systems Task Force co-chair
•    Bridging-the-Headgate Partnership Member
•    2008 Farm Bill Cost-share program coordination

National Engineering Software Coordinator – Carol Drungil, P.E., Ph.D.
Located in Ft. Collins, CO

•    Engineering Software Development, Procurement, and Certification
•    Information Technology Center liaison – S&T deputy area wide
•    Chief’s Cost Savings and Streamlining initiatives (CDSI)
•    Engineering tools integration (GPS, GIS, CAD, CADD)

Program Specialist  – Nancy Magee, Program Analyst, BBA
Located in Madison, MS

•    Budget
•    ROOT Open Obligations
•    Web site
•    Staffing Plan
•    Computer Inventory

Administrative Assistant – Vacant
•    (Support provided through the Administrative Unit)
•    Secretary to the Director
•    Correspondence Management
•    Office Management and Scheduling
•    Mail and Travel Management  
•    Time and Attendance
•    Order Forms, Publications, and Supplies