SBAAG - Organization

Executive Sponsor

Micheal Golden, Deputy Chief, Soil Science and Resource Assessment, NRCS, Washington, DC


Jon Hempel, Director, National Soil Survey Center, NRCS, Lincoln, NE

Rotating Members

Dennis Williamson, MO Leader / State Soil Scientist, NRCS, Temple, TX
Cathy McGuire, Assistant MO Leader, NRCS, Phoenix, AZ
Charles Love, MO Leader / State Soil Scientist, NRCS, Auburn, AL


Sam Brown, Soil Scientist, NCGC, NRCS, Ft. Worth, TX
Henry Ferguson, Soil Scientist, NSSC, NRCS, Morgantown, WV
Sharon Waltman, Soil Scientist, NSSC, NRCS, Morgantown, WVAd Hoc Advisory Members

Wendell Oaks, Project Manager, ITC, NRCS, Ft. Collins, CO
Curtis Talbot, Rangeland Management Specialist, NSSC, NRCS, Lincoln, NE
Dorsey Plunk, Physical Scientist, NRCS, Ft. Worth, TX
Pete Biggam, National Park Service
Bill Ypsilantis, Bureau of Land Management
Others as needed


Kevin Wickey, acting CIO, Information Technology Division, NRCS, Beltsville, MD
Christopher Smith, National Leader, Technical Services, NRCS, Washington, DC