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SBAAG - Background and History

SBAAG was organized in April 1992. The current roles, objectives, and charges for the current SBAAG remain very similar to those originally implemented. The charges are as follows:

  • To develop and maintain the Soils Business Area Analysis Plan.
  • To coordinate the resolution of issues that resulted from automation of soils information.
  • To understand relationships of NASIS to other NRCS automation efforts, and to guide integration.
  • To integrate and prioritize new automation initiatives into NASIS.
  • To provide analysis for all Soil Science Division business priorities.
  • To respond to the business needs of the field soil scientists.

SBAAG has always been committed to the successful development, implementation, and future progress of NASIS, and NCSS efforts to improve the quality of data, automation, and delivery of soil resource information. SBAAG has:

  • Coordinated and prioritized the conversion to, and the implementation of NASIS.
  • Addressed issues that have been brought to the group, and identified other issues related to the Soil Business Area.
  • Understood the relationships and guided integration of NASIS to other agency automation efforts.
  • Recommended overall priorities.
  • Studied and evaluated the analyses that are a part of NASIS – both past and future.
  • Remained informed of ongoing projects that have impacted NASIS.