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TechReg - TSP Registry

TSP Folder CAP Inserts

The “Technical Service Providers: Extending the Reach of Conservation” pocket folder is designed to hold Technical Service Provider Conservation Activity Plan (CAP) Inserts.

You can order the folder from the NRCS Distribution Center by phone at (888) 526-3227; email, or online at

Each Insert briefly defines a CAP, summarizes  inputs TSPs use to prepare them and recommended conservation practices for that CAP.

The CAP Inserts are not available through the NRCS Distribution Center.  They can downloaded and printed as needed to customize the folder for specific states and users. Please download the Insert(s) you need from the list below.

All Inserts are PDFs and best printed on 40 lb weight, glossy paper. 


102 Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan

104 Nutrient Management Plan

106 Forest Management Plan

108 Feed Management Plan

110 Grazing Management Plan

112 Prescribed Burning Plan

114 Integrated Pest Management Plan

118 Irrigation Water Management Plan

122 Agricultural Energy Management Plan

130 Drainage Water Management Plan

138 Conservation Plan to Support Organic Transition

142 Fish and Wildlife Habitat Plan

146 Pollinator Habitat Plan

154 Integrated Pest Management, Herbicide Resistant Weeds Plan