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TechReg - TSP Registry

Required Aglearn Training

Annual Required Training-All TSPs 

The annual Information Security Awareness (ISA) Training is required all TSPs.  A new TSP must complete the ISA training (paper version) prior to activation of their AgLearn Account.  A TSP can request a copy of the ISA training course and exam from their resident State TSP Coordinator or their resident State Training Officer

TSPs with active AgLearn Accounts can log into AgLearn and will find the course pre-loaded into their To Do List.  TSPs with AgLearn Accounts that have been deactivated, must take the paper ISA course and exam.  TSPs can request a copy of the ISA training course and exam from their resident State TSP Coordinator or resident State Training Officer.

Required Training - All Categories for Certification as a TSP

TSP Orientation and Conservation Planning is a training course required of TSPs and is available through AgLearnTSP Orientation and Conservation Planning can be found by typing the course name exactly as it appears above in the Search Catalog in AgLearn or by typing in the course number: 000191.

TechReg now hosts the link for new TSPs to register for an AgLearn account.  An AgLearn Registration for Technical Service Providers User Guide is available to assist individuals through the registration process.  The user ID and password TSPs use to login to TechReg will also be the credentials used to access the AgLearn registration site.  TSPs only need to register for an AgLearn account once.  Registration for an AgLearn account requires a TSP to name a Point of Contact (POC) which should be the State Training Officer for the TSP's resident state.  The link below provides a list of NRCS State Training Officers, search for NRCS in the list, then find your resident state contact(s).  If your state lists more than one contact person, please only list one individual as your POC in your AgLearn registration application, then send a follow up email to all of the contacts listed for your state and copy your resident State TSP Coordinator in the email, so all individuals know you have applied and are waiting for authorization.  

NEW!! New TSPs must complete the current USDA Information Security Awareness training course and exam prior to AgLearn Account activation.  This course can be requested from your resident State TSP Coordinator or State Training Officer.                    

TSPs who already have an AgLearn account do not need to reregister for a new account.  TSPs with deactivated AgLearn Accounts who wish to have them reactivated should contact the AgLearn Help Desk at: or by telephone (866) 633-9394.



Additional Required Training of some Categories and Conservation Activity Plans for Certification as a TSP

Not all of these trainings are required of all TSPs.  You must read the current eligibility criteria for each Conservation Activity Plan or Category (PDF, 86KB) you are interested in to see which courses, if any, are required.

  • Air Quality, Climate Change and Energy
  • Air Quality Resource Concerns
  • Animal Waste Management Systems - A Primer
  • Animal Waste Management Systems - Level 2
  • Carbon Credit Certification for Greenhouse Gases : Certification as a verifier of carbon credits
  • Conservation Planning Modules 1-9
  • NRC Certified Conservation Planner-State Specific Training Modules (posted on the TSP website-Training Opportunities page)
  • Cultural Resources Modules 1-8
  • Greenhouse Gases and Carbon Sequestration
  • Introduction to Conservation Forestry Planning
  • Introduction to Water Quality
  • Modules 1-6 of the NRCS Web-based Cultural Resources Training
  • NRCS Level I Environmental Compliance - Complete Part One and Three
  • Nutrient Management Track of Nutrient and Pest Management Considerations in Conservation Planning Modules 1-7
  • Pest Management Track of Nutrient and Pest Management Considerations in Conservation Planning-Modules 1-7
  • Why Should We Care About Air Quality