Seasonal High Tunnel Initiative

A view of the interior of a seasonal high tunnel

Applications for all USDA NRCS programs are accepted on a continuous basis with application batching dates set regularly. The application batching date for Fiscal Year 2013 EQIP Seasonal High Tunnel Initiative is November 16, 2012. Batching dates will be posted here when they are established. 


NRCS New York is part of an ongoing pilot testing the viability and functionality of seasonal tunnel systems. A seasonal high tunnel is a polyethylene-covered structure at least six feet high which modifies the climate to create more favorable growing conditions for vegetable and other specialty crops grown in the natural soil beneath it.

During the pilot period, high tunnel systems will be eligible for financial assistance, limited to tunnels covering up to five percent of one acre (2,178 square feet) per farm operation. The size is equal to a structure of approximately 30 feet by 72 feet. The Seasonal High Tunnel Initiative also offers conservation practices that support the seasonal high tunnel practice.

Eligible Conservation Practices

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