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Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) in Wisconsin

Environmental Quality Incentives Program

Apply by Sept. 2 for 2017 Funding

Applications for EQIP can be submitted to NRCS at any time. Dates are set periodically to rank applications for available funding. All EQIP applications in Wisconsin will be prioritized using a screening tool.  Applications will receive a high, medium, or low priority as of the application deadline. High priority applications will be ranked and funded first, followed by medium and low, as funding allows.

Applying for the Environmental Quality Incentives Program

Special Initiative Opportunities

Honey bee picture

Honey Bee Practices

Funding is available for conservation practices and forage plantings (cover crops, pasture, pollinator seeding mixes) on ag land or wood land. (Not bees or honey production.)

Monarch butterfly

Monarch Butterfly Habitat Development

Funding is available to boost monarch populations by working with partners and clients to increase monarch habitat on private lands.

MRBI river Mississippi

Landscape Initiatives

Organic Transition

Organic Initiative   

Funding is available for certified organic producers and those transitioning to organic production. Some individual practices have higher payments, in recognition of the higher cost of organic seeds/fertilizers in an organic system.

Radiant Heater

Energy Initiative

High tunnel

High Tunnel System

Waste Storage/Alternative Waste Treatment Practices

Applications for the waste storage and alternative waste treatment practices are considered on an area-wide basis. More details about the Waste Storage/Alternative Waste Treatment practices sign-up. 

Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans (CNMP)

The CNMP sign-up is done through local county signups, at all NRCS field offices. Funds are for development of CNMPs for animal feeding operations. More details on CNMPs.

For More Information

For more information, please contact your local USDA Service Center. EQIP is open to all eligible agricultural producers without discrimination or bias. Note: Statutory requirements, such as priority for veteran farmers or ranchers, are allowed preferences.) Please note starting a practice prior to written contract approval will result in the ineligibility of that practice for EQIP assistance unless a waiver has been approved.

State EQIP Contact: Ryan Gerlich, 608-662-4422 x227

State Organic Initiative Contact: Judy Derricks, 608-662-4422 x258