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Job Sheets

CSP 2011 Ranking Period One Enhancement Activity Job Sheets

"Enhancement" means a type of conservation activity used to treat natural resources and improve conservation performance. Enhancements are installed at a level of management intensity that exceeds the sustainable level for a given resource concern, and those directly related to a practice standard are applied in a manner that exceeds the minimum treatment requirements of the standard.

A "Bundle" is a group of specific enhancements which when installed as a group, addresses resource concerns synergetically. The documents below require Acrobat Reader

Air Quality Enhancements:

AIR01 Injecting Incorporating Manure (PDF, 153KB)
AIR02 Nitrogen Stabilizers or Urease Inhibitors for Nitrous Oxide Control (PDF, 61KB)
AIR03 Nonburning Alternatives in Orchards (PDF, 85KB)
AIR04 Drift Control (PDF, 68KB)
AIR06 Replacing Heaters in Orchards (PDF, 69KB)
AIR07 GPS or Electronic Control Sprayer Equipment (PDF, 68KB)

Animal Enhancements:

ANM01 Drainage Water Mgmt for Wildlife Habitat (PDF, 38KB)
ANM02 Defer Crop Production on Wetlands (PDF, 54KB)
ANM03 Incorporate Native Grasses and Legumes into Forage Base (PDF, 82KB)
ANM04 Widening Existing Filter Strips (PDF, 55KB)
ANM05 Widening Riparian Forest Buffers (PDF, 66KB)
ANM07 Widening Field Borders (PDF, 55KB)
ANM08 Improve Plant Diversity and Structure of NonCropped Areas (PDF, 53KB)
ANM09 Grazing Management to Improve Wildlife Habitat (PDF, 100KB)
ANM10 Haying Harvesting to Improve Wildlife Habitat (PDF, 56KB)
ANM11 Patch Burning to Enhance Wildlife Habitat (PDF, 52KB)
ANM12 Shallow Water Habitat (PDF, 46KB)
ANM13 NonForested Riparian Zone Management (PDF, 72KB)
ANM14 Riparian Forest Buffer Terr Aquatic Wildlife Habitat (PDF, 62KB)
ANM15 Forest Stand Improvement for Wildlife Habitat and Soil Quality (PDF, 106KB)
ANM17 Monitoring Nutritional Status of Livestock using the NUTBAL Pro System (PDF, 61KB)
ANM18 Watering Facility Retrofit (PDF, 51KB)
ANM19 Wildlife Corridors (PDF, 63KB)
ANM20 Silvopasture Wildlife Habitat (PDF, 96KB)
ANM21 Prairie Restoration for Grazing and Wildlife Habitat (PDF, 93KB)
ANM22 Restoration and Management of Rare or Declining Habitats (PDF, 104KB)
ANM23 Multi Species Native Perrenials for Biomass Wildlife Habitat (PDF, 40KB)
ANM24 Forest Wildlife Structures Enhancement (PDF, 61KB)
ANM25 Stockpiling Forages (PDF, 107KB)
ANM26 Managing Calving Forage Availability (PDF, 75KB)
ANM27 Wildlife Friendly Fencing (PDF, 67KB)
ANM28 Aquatic Organism Passage Barrier Removal (PDF, 75KB)
ANM29 On Farm Forage Based Grazing System (PDF, 50KB)
ANM30 Ultra High Density Grazing System To Improve Soil Quality (PDF, 62KB)

Energy Enhancements:

ENR01 Fuel Use Reduction for Field Operations (PDF, 74KB)
ENR03 Pump Plant Powered By Renewable Energy (PDF, 91KB)
ENR05 Local Grown and Marketed Farm Products (PDF, 88KB)
ENR06 Upgrade of Old Diesel Powered Pumping Plants (PDF, 64KB)
ENR07 On Farm Energy Audit (PDF, 53KB)
ENR08 Nitrogen From Legumes Manure Or Compost (PDF, 151KB)
ENR09 Variable Frequency Drive Electric Motors (PDF, 62KB)

Plant Enhancements:

PLT01 Pollinator Habitat Establishment (PDF, 54KB)
PLT02 Monitoring Key Grazing Areas To Improve Grazing Management (PDF, 65KB)
PLT03 Forest Stand Improvement Pretreating Vegetation Fuels (PDF, 78KB)
PLT04 Forest Stand Improvement Prescribed Burning (PDF, 60KB)
PLT05 MultiStory Cropping (PDF, 70KB)
PLT06 Renovation of Windbreak Or Shelterbelt (PDF, 59KB)
PLT07 Hardwood Crop Tree Release (PDF, 93KB)
PLT08 Habitat Development For Beneficial Species (PDF, 58KB)
PLT10 Intensive Management of Rotational Grazing Enhancement (PDF, 68KB)
PLT11 Conifer Crop Tree Release (PDF, 116KB)
PLT12 Patch Harvesting (PDF, 59KB)
PLT13 Forest Stand Improvement for Wildfire Reduction (PDF, 103KB)
PLT14 Alley Cropping Establishment Of Wildlife And Beneficial Insect Habitat (PDF, 90KB)

Soil Erosion Enhancements:

SOE01 Continuous No Till with High Residue (PDF, 96KB)
SOE02 Protection of Cultural_Resource (PDF, 52KB)
SOE03 Continuous No Till Organic System (PDF, 81KB)

Soil Quality:

SQL01 Controlled Traffic (PDF, 106KB)
SQL02 Cont Cover Crop (PDF, 46KB)
SQL03 Drainage Water Mgmt Nut Path Pest Reduction (PDF, 66KB)
SQL04 Use of Cover Crop Mixtures (PDF, 68KB)
SQL05 Use of Deep Rooted Crops (PDF, 90KB)
SQL06 Conversion of Cropland to Grassbased Agriculture (PDF, 69KB)
SQL07 Forest Stand Improvement for Soil Quality (PDF, 56KB)
SQL08 Intercropping to Improve Soil Quality and Increase Biodiversity (PDF, 93KB)
CCR99 Resource Conserving Crop Rotation (PDF, 87KB)

Water Quality:

WQL01 Biological Suppression and Other Non-chemical Techniques to Manage Brush, Herbaceous Weeds and Invasive Species (PDF, 64KB)
WQL03 Rotation of Supplement and Feeding Areas (PDF, 70KB)
WQL04 Tissue Test for N (PDF, 78KB)
WQL05 Apply Nutrients No More Than 30 Days Prior to Planned Planting (PDF, 119KB)
WQL06 Controlled Release N (PDF, 48KB)
WQL07 Split N Applications 50 percent After Emergence (PDF, 58KB)
WQL08 Split N Applications PSNT (PDF, 87KB)
WQL09 Apply P Fertilizer Below the Soil Surface (PDF, 84KB)
WQL10 Cover Crops to Scavenge N (PDF, 56KB)
WQL11 PrecisionAg Nutrient Application (PDF, 56KB)
WQL12 Managing Livestock Water Access (PDF, 62KB)
WQL13 High Level IPM (PDF, 69KB)
WQL14 Land Application of Treated Manure (PDF, 48KB)
WQL15 Reduce Nutrient Concentrations (PDF, 51KB)
WQL16 Legume as Nitrogen Source (PDF, 78KB)
WQL17-Use of Non-Chemical Methods to Kill Cover Crops (PDF, 54KB)
WQL 18 Non-Chemical Pest Control for Livestock (PDF, 51KB)
WQL19 Transition to Organic Grazing Systems (PDF, 57KB)
WQL20 Transition to Organic Cropping Systems (PDF, 71KB)
WQL21 Integrated Pest Management for Organic Farming (PDF, 57KB)
WQL22 OnFarm Composting Farm Organic Waste (PDF, 64KB)
WQL23 Protection of Sensitive Area on Winter Grazing Land (PDF, 84KB)

Water Quantity:

WQT01 Irrigation System Automation (PDF, 33KB)
WQT02 Mulching for Moisture Control (PDF, 77KB)
WQT03 Irrigation Pumping Plant Evaluation (PDF, 55KB)
WQT04 Regional Weather Network (PDF, 43KB)
WQT05 Remote Monitoring and Notification (PDF, 68KB)
WQT06 Conversion to Non Irrigated Crop Production (PDF, 48KB)

Special Projects:

CSP Pilot Design Protocol (PDF, 29KB)
CSP Research Demonstration Design Protocol (PDF, 25KB)
Focus Areas for FRD01 FPP02 (PDF, 34KB)
FPP02 On Farm Pilot Project (PDF, 74KB)
FRD01 On Farm Research Demo (PDF, 56KB)


BCR01 Cropland Enhancement Bundle (PDF, 76KB)
BCR02 Cropland Enhancement Bundle
(PDF, 67KB)
BCR03 Cropland Enhancement Bundle (PDF, 83KB)
BCR04 Cropland Enhancement Bundle (PDF, 89KB)
BCR05 Cropland Enhancement Bundle
(PDF, 91KB)

BFO01 Forest Enhancement Bundle (PDF, 132KB)
BFO02 Forest Enhancement Bundle (PDF, 83KB)
BFO03 Forest Enhancement Bundle (PDF, 103KB)
BFO04 Forest Enhancement Bundle (PDF, 67KB)
BFO05 Forest Enhancement Bundle (PDF, 54KB)

BPA01 Pasture Enhancement Bundle (PDF, 79KB)
BPA02 Pasture Enhancement Bundle (PDF, 74KB)
BPA03 Pasture Enhancement Bundle (PDF, 58KB)
BPA04 Pasture Enhancement Bundle (PDF, 62KB)
BPA05 Pasture Enhancement Bundle (PDF, 78KB)

BRA01 Range Enhancement Bundle (PDF, 79KB)
BRA02 Range Enhancement Bundle (PDF, 114KB)
BRA03 Range Enhancement Bundle (PDF, 89KB)
BRA04 Range Enhancement Bundle (PDF, 96KB)
BRA05 Range Enhancement Bundle (PDF, 110KB)