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Healthy Forest Reserve Program


The purpose of the Healthy Forests Reserve Program (HFRP) is to assist landowners, on a voluntary basis, in restoring, enhancing and protecting forestland resources on private lands through easements, 30-year contracts and 10-year cost-share agreements.

The objectives of  HRFP are to:

  1. Promote the recovery of endangered and threatened species under the Endangered Species Act (ESA);
  2. Improve plant and animal biodiversity; and
  3. Enhance carbon sequestration.

Detailed information on HFRP benefits, eligibility, and enrollment option is available.

Program Documents

HFRP Results by Fiscal Year, 2009 - 2013

HFRP results data for FY2009 - 2013 are available in HTML and CSV

Additional Information

USDA Forest Service