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Fish and Wildlife Technology Findings were produced by the former Wildlife Habitat Management Institute (1996 – 2006) and former National Agricultural Wildlife Conservation Center (2006 – 2011) through collaboration with various partners.

Federal Government Agencies

U. S. Army Corps of Engineers

Environmental Protection Agency

USDA Agricultural Research Service

Department of the Interior
Bureau of Land Management

U.S. Geological Survey, Biological Resources Division

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

U.S. Forest Service

Nongovernmental Entities

Colorado State University
Oregon State University
Iowa State University
Mississippi State University
Louisiana State University 
North Carolina State University 
Utah State University 
South Dakota State University 
Texas Tech University
University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff 
University of California Davis 
University of Georgia 
University of Maryland 
University of Maryland-Eastern Shore
University of Minnesota
University of Mississippi
University of Missouri 
University of Montana 
University of Nebraska-Lincoln 
University of Tennessee-Knoxville 
University of Vermont 
Washington College