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To take and earn a credit for this course, log on to AgLearn today at Type in  “credit trading” on the Search Catalog box and click on Browse to find and access the course.

Other Online Courses

USDA trainer writing on white boardNRCS has developed online courses on air quality, climate change and energy for its employees, partners and for other groups involved in agriculture and conservation. These courses include (Hyperlinked courses are publicly available and can be accessed without going through AgLearn):

1. Air Quality, Climate Change, and Energy
2. Introduction to Environmental Credit Trading
3. Why Do We Care About Climate Change?
4. Greenhouse Gases and Carbon Sequestration
5. Why Should We Care About Air Quality?
6. Air Quality Resource Concerns
7. Why Do We Care About Energy?
8. Energy Basics

All of these courses are available through AgLearn. You can also access the courses through the  eXtension Foundation site.


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